Tesla Tone is already working in the UK to offer silent funerals – Curiosity – hybrid and electric cars

Southern Cooperative, a company that operates nearly 60 funeral homes in United kingdom I started using an all-electric jet in the south of England. It’s a Tesla Model S converted by Coleman Milne To house these funeral services which are approximately a meter longer than the standard parlour. The use of this type of vehicle at funerals, which usually requires driving at lower speeds, appears to be a logical solution. Prevents the noise and smell of burning fuel during the festivities.

British funeral car manufacturer Coleman Milne has been offering this lovingly based Tesla Model S since the summer of 2020. Its conversion came as a result of a collaboration with German luxury bodybuilder Binz. Southern Co-op, which operates approximately 60 funeral homes in the UK in the counties of Berkshire, Dorset, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Somerset, Surrey, Sussex and Wiltshire already has one such unit for its services.

Forced coronavirus pandemic Delaying the necessary permits for approval and approval This is the vehicle that allows it to travel on UK roads. “This is definitely a time to celebrate the end of the process and we won’t waste time getting it started,” said Steve Pearce, Southern Co-op COO.

Tesla Model S turned into its heart 5.8 meters long and independence 354 km. Recharging takes place at Southern Cooperation facilities, which claim to use renewable sources.

This company has always defended The need to use electric cars in funeral services. A solution that seems obvious because when the motorcade travels at slow speeds, the annoying noise of the core engine and the smell of fuel reaching the people walking next to it are avoided.

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The interior of a Tesla Model S has been converted into a funeral car.

In fact, I’ve already used South Co-op Other electrified In their services where they own two Mercedes E-Class limousines, two convertible hybrids and a Mercedes E-Class at lower speeds, these vehicles operate in electric mode, allowing for a completely silent funeral.

Other electric hears

The suggestion to use electric cars at funerals has been repeated over the past few years. Due to its size, the Tesla Model S was the car most used for conversions, most of which were made in Norway and the Netherlands. However, there have been less logical twists, such as the one by Full Circle Funerals in Yorkshire, which in 2017 turned the Nissan Leaf into a heart. Due to the small size of the car, the coffin had to move to the driver’s side.

In Spain, in 2013, Altima acquired the first electric car prototype approved for urban and intercity driving, the E-Moon, made by the Catalan company Bergadan. It is a vehicle capable of covering a distance of up to 120 kilometers that the company will use to transport coffins and urns during burial or transportation. Also in 2013, Clem Ecologic, the manufacturer and distributor of electric vehicles, presented the first one hundred percent M1 electric car acquired by ASV Servicios Funerarios for the Almería cemetery.

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