Tension on the high seas between Spain and the UK days before a major summit

Marine Action Vessel (BAM) meteor Last Friday morning, Spanish Navy forces patrolled the waters near Gibraltar in the Levante area, where the Royal Navy ship HMS Dagger reportedly followed suit. the middle south of Europe.

Posted by Strait Observer Michael J. Sanchez on his X account, formerly Twitter, posted a post containing a photo of a map and the location of both ships. Thus, the same medium reported on what Gibraltar residents consider an “incursion” into Gibraltar’s British territorial waters, when in fact it is Spanish waters.

“Spain is putting pressure on the United Kingdom during the negotiations on Gibraltar and the future relationship with the European Union and Spain by sending a warship to British waters this morning,” Sanchez wrote on his account.

The European Commission and the United Kingdom announced that they will resume negotiations on Brexit in Gibraltar on Wednesday, December 13 in London. The future relationship between the EU and the rock is not included in the trade agreement reached by London and Brussels on Christmas Eve 2020, so a separate agreement negotiated by the European Commission and the British government is needed and this will ultimately require Spain’s approval.

As for the Meteor (P-41), as highlighted by the same media, it is a ship designed to carry out various military missions, such as presence, surveillance, and neutralization missions. However, the bulk of its missions are based on Maritime Security Operations (MSO).

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