tennis | Who is the coach of Paula Badusa?

Paula Badusa He is trying to relive his best moments in the world of tennis Thanks to its new coach Jordi Verdaguer and the new coaching staff consisting of Edu Esteve and Paul Toledo, both of them are 28 years old. The Spanish tennis player, born in New York, has tried in recent years to find new training methods that help her break out of the injury loop in which she finds herself and They don’t let her compete.

In her day, a student of Xavier Bodeau, the former coach of Carla Suarez, in 2021 she broke up with her former coach, Jorge García, and since that year she finds herself immersed in a phase where she can hardly enjoy and enjoy playing tennis. There were doubts about who it could be Well prepared for Padosa. Until 2023.

During the Post-Jorge Garcia Period, English Joel Cannellof GSE Worldwide (the company representing Paula Badosa), appeared registered as a Spanish coach. This caused a lot of confusion about the tennis player’s personality, as Cannell was one of her agents. But the Brit was a temporary solution until the arrival of a new coach. Joel Kannell was a former tennis player, born in the United Kingdom in 1997, and participated in various tennis categories until 2018, after playing a tournament in Nigeria. He contracted malaria and it almost cost him his life.

Until April 2023, he was the coach of the Spanish tennis player, who kept Canel as one of his agents. But the tennis player announced via Instagram to her new coach, Jordi Verdaguer and the new members of his team: Edu Esteve and Pol Toledo.

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Who are Jordi Verdaguer, Edu Esteve and Paul Toledo, the current coaches of Paula Badosa?

Paula Badosa explained why she made this decision with Jordi Verdaguer and about the new members of her staff. And the Catalan tennis player confirmed in mid-April 2023 that these men had begun to form her work team: “Yes, Edu Esteve, Pol Toledo and Jordi Verdaguer are my new coaches and I also changed my physical coach. They will travel with me this year and I hope for many more. I’m very happy, and I think it was also a great start for them. We have known each other for a long time and played tennis. They recently left and I asked if they could help me because I have known them for a long time like I said. We have a great relationship on and off track. And I am so happy to start this journey with them.The tennis player said in her new team that her main goal was to get Badosa back to playing metal.

So, It’s the work of Jordi Verdaguer, Pol Toledo and Edu Esteve to recapture the best moment And the best version of Paula Badosa, which became #2 in the world a short time ago.

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