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London (United Kingdom), 11 (dpa / EP)

Spanish tennis player Rafa Nadal will not retire “if he recovers well” from his physical problems, because the winner of the 22nd “Grand Slam” “wants to return,” although his goal is to “get results,” which is “not the case.” easy” when you lose the ranking.

“Rafael is 37 years old, the years are heavy. What I know, because I’ve talked to him, is that Rafael wants to come back, he wants to recover well. And if he recovers well, I think he will want to continue,” his uncle Tony said in an interview with online portal ClayTenis.

Nadal continues to suffer from hip problems and last played at the Australian Open in January. Recently, in a press conference, he suggested that 2024 will be his last year as a professional tennis player. However, Toni Nadal believes that would not be the case if his nephew was able to continue playing.

“Then we’ll see, because he has to get results, and it won’t be easy, because when you lose the rankings it’s more difficult, because you have to compete with the best faster. So you have to be good more days and you have to play tough matches more times. “.

Rafa Nadal continues to recover at the Rafa Nadal Academy, albeit only by completing physical training, because he “can’t train tennis yet.” “The doctor advised him not to do that, and to wait until he fully recovers. Within a month he will be able to start training on the tennis court,” he said.

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