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Quick reflexes are the hallmark of being a professional tennis player, and Jodi Borg has shown Wimbledon fans that she can respond quickly to adversity.

The British player noticed the ball player feeling weak on the sidelines during Monday’s game, then ran to make sure he was okay. At first he gave her a sports drink, then a nourishing jelly before a spectator handed her a bag of candy.

“I tried to get him some sugar, I gave him Gatorade and jelly. The goal wasn’t the best, so they were able to find some Percy’s pigs somewhere in the queue in the crowd, and they got off and then he started, I hope he’s feeling better now,” Borage said.

The match was stopped for 10 minutes until the boy was taken off the field.

Judy Borage noticed that the boy needed sugar and tried to help him make sweets

Unfortunately for the 23-year-old Burrage, her championship match didn’t help her. She lost to Lesia Tsurenko 6-2, 6-3 on the opening day of the tournament.

Borage said he noticed that the ball boy was sad and wanted to help.

Sweets to the rescue

“I acted as I thought anyone would,” Borage said. “He was not in a good position. I just tried to help him as best I could.”

More help came from the public in the form of chewy candy.

“I absolutely love Percy the pigs, that’s for sure,” Borage said. “I was like, ‘This guy needs sugar. “He didn’t like jelly so I was like, ‘I definitely need something else. Then someone on the side shouted, ‘I have some candy here if you want. ”

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After the event, users congratulated the tennis player on her Instagram account.

Borage made her Wimbledon debut last year and also lost in the first round. But she will get another chance this year in the ladies’ doubles. She and Eden Silva will play their first match later this week.


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