Tenerife, a leading destination for experiential marketing application in its promotion

Tenerife is entering a new phase in the promotion of tourist destinations and has become a pioneer, as a smart destination certified by Segittur, in the use of new technologies and digital forms of experiential marketing. Thus, through the Formagame method, which allows to apply the concept of “learning through play”, you will create a web series registered on the island in which travel agents who receive the initiative can actively participate, by becoming heroes of it and deciding on your plot.

For Tenerife Tourism Executive, David Perez, “This training model, with its potential for innovation and interactive entertainment, allows us to increase knowledge of the island to a greater number of travel agents around the world, but also to subsequently adapt it to the stimulus procedure to bring our island closer to any country through networks In this way, the travelers themselves will be able to show their knowledge of the 10 essentials of Tenerife, learn about the destination through games and see the real environments of the island that they will be able to discover on their next visit.”

Novel training

The initiative is an innovative training targeting agents of key foreign markets traveling to the island, such as Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Italy. Registration will begin this week at various locations on the island, from Santa Cruz to La Laguna, passing through Icod de los Vinos or doing activities such as whale watching.

Through a specific application (mobile app), the agent will respond to various questions that will appear as if he or she is the true hero of the story. Through their interaction, and as long as they respond correctly, for which they must demonstrate their knowledge of the island, the plot of the web series will progress. Likewise, the destination will be able to know the destination in real time, through the business intelligence platform, the travel agents in its five major markets know the destination.

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In this story, produced entirely on the island of Tenerife, travel agents will discover the “10 island essentials” that every destination selector should know through an emotional story that, at a given moment, undergoes an unexpected transformation that surprises the guest. It is a training procedure that allows you to capture an audiovisual entertainment model similar to the current Netflix platforms or HBO series.

Big data and business intelligence

Tourism Marketing and Communications Director for Tenerife, Javier Perez, notes that “Knowing the level of participation of travel agents is essential in the promotion plans of the island of Tenerife, thanks to the application of big data and business information developed by Formagame in our promotional activity, that we are achieving greater benefit and will allow us to offer products and services new, as well as improving existing products and services on our way to excellence in the tourism sector at an international level.”

For Formagame’s Director of Marketing, Ivan Muñoz, “Formagame is particularly active in helping tourist destinations promote and train beyond our borders. Thanks to experiential marketing and a strong technological burden, both European travel agents and operators can enjoy the beauty of Tenerife in a personal way, and live in a history that does not repeat itself. and turn training into an unforgettable experience.”

Muñoz adds that since 2019, when they started working with Turismo de Tenerife, “This initiative has been welcomed with great enthusiasm due to its reach and passion, by putting the travel agent at the center and incorporating the element ‘you are the protagonist'”. Our clients learn through their emotions, from A story that surrounds them and they interact with it in real time.”

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Borrowed pictures: Elizabeth Smith on Unsplash

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