Telecinco confirms that Entrevías will have a third season

MADRID, Nov. 30 (CulturaOcio) —

Entrevías, a Mediaset series starring Jose Coronado that was One of the best Spanish sites of the year worldwideis already preparing for its third season. Tirso’s ex-wife appears (Coronado) and the awakening of the amnesiac Ezequiel (Luis Zahira) will be the catalysts for the new fantasy plots, which It will air in prime time on Telecinco with eight new episodes.

The series is composed of episodes that lasted more than an hour, including The first season is available on NetflixCame to drive Global ranking of the most watched English-language series on the platform. In addition to appearing in Top of the top ten list From Spain, it has also achieved it in countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Chile, France, Portugal, Israel, Morocco, the United Kingdom or the United States.

It was initially conceived as a two-season closed seriesEntrevías, released under the English title Wrong Side of the Tracks, has already worked with audiences during Broadcasting on Free TV on Telecinco before moving to Netflix. Produced by David Bermejo and produced by Mediaset, it will be the third season Featured by introducing new characters This will be the key to building plots.

Along with the aforementioned Jose Coronado, Luis Zahira And the rest of the prominent cast are Nonna Sopo, Felipe Londono, Laura Ramos, Manuel Talavi, Manolo Caro, Maria Molins, Itziar Atienza and others, The new season of Entrevías will feature Natalia Dicenta as Maika, Tirso’s ex-wife; Michel Calvo as Dulcie, Ezequiel’s granddaughter; Oscar Higares giving life to Romero, a new commissioner willing to do anything to prosper in politics; and Alex Medina Like Tente, a young gang member who will be a tough and violent opponent for Tirso.

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After the events in the neighborhood at the end of Entrevias season two, Tirso’s life is happy: his relationship with Gladys is going from strength to strength, the hardware store is a thriving business and Her granddaughter, Irene, is about to give birth. But the Separation in the neighborhood of Maika ex-wifeIt will mean a strong shock to the family, which will discuss between accepting or rejecting it, and for the neighborhood, since Mayka, who worked for years as a relief worker, She intends to start a foundation to help gang members get off the streetsWhich will raise serious problems with street gangs, in which Tirso will have to intervene.

for his part, Ezequiel wakes up from a coma without remembering anything and will have to live a new life away from the police and criminals.. But even if the past is alien to him, he will not stop haunting him: Nata and his minions will bring him back into the spotlight and new district commissioner, ambitious and unscrupulous man, You will see in him an obstacle to achieving your goals. In this new situation, the former police officer will have the help of his great daughter, a former martial arts champion who works as the head of security for Disco Macro and who will become his only ally, ”according to the official synopsis of the third season of Entrevías.

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