Ted Cruz abandons his ‘world’ electors Granma

As Texas suffers the devastating effects of a winter storm, the Republican senator from that state, Ted Cruz, abandoned his electors and went on vacation to Cancun.

More than 20 deaths, massive power outages, low temperatures, water and food shortages are the scenarios for the region’s residents. Raphael Edward “Ted” Cruz, a Canadian-American attorney and politician and a member of the Senate of Texas since 2013, is best known for his passionate advocacy of anti-immigration policies and far-right positions. Additionally, he is the son of a Canadian and Cuban, one of the most well-known personalities of lobby Anti-Cuba in the United States

The American press itself classified him as “worse than Marco Rubio” and was behind every attack, coercive measure, or Machiavellian plan against Cuba and Venezuela.

Along with Marco Rubio, a Senator from Florida, and Mauricio Claver Caroni, the current president of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), he was part of the anti-Cuban triad closest to former President Donald Trump.

Ted Cruz’s flight in the midst of the climate crisis, to reach safety, says a lot about his personality, values ​​and principles, and has aroused deep resentment among his constituents.

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