Technical specifications leaked for Key 2: Storage and memory

Technical details have been leaked for the Nintendo Switch 2 Nintendo’s next-gen console far outperforms the Switch in RAM and space.

Nintendo’s official statement regarding the Switch 2 is timely. Waiting for the official presentation that will take place within the next ten months, a leak revealed new details and Nintendo Switch 2 technical specificationsAnd reveal the amount of memory ram He has and what he is Internal storage.

The Switch 2 will have 12GB of LPDDR5 RAM (Two 6GB modules at 7500 MT/s) and with a 256 GB internal storage space Which uses the UFS 3.1 standard. Nintendo-related merchandise shipment records have caused a surprise, revealing the technical components of the new Nintendo Switch.

Compared to the standard Switch model, with 32GB of internal memory and 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM, the new-generation console will have 8 times more storage space (4 times more than OLED model) and 3 times more RAM. In fact, compared to other current generation consoles, The Switch 2 has more RAM than the Xbox Series SWhich has a space of 10 GB according to this information.

Nintendo could have solved one of the Switch’s big problems by expanding its storage space in this way. Technology UFS 3.1 Up to read speeds of up to 2.9 GB/sa number that is far from the 5500MB/s of the PS5 SSD, but much higher than the 60-95MB/s that some use. microSD recommended by Nintendo To switch.

the Details of the new Nintendo Switch device They appeared after the Japanese company’s recent investor meeting. Some studios have already confirmed that they will be bringing their games to Switch 2 and the rumors are accelerating. Nintendo’s next-gen console is getting closer.

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