Tec expert predicts the breakdown of the Cutzamala system

Jose Antonio Benjamin Ordonez, Biologist from the College of Science and Doctor of Science from the Institute of Ecology for the PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences and Professor in Tecnológico de Monterrey, In the Mexico City region, on the current situation with respect to sCutzamala system.

Water overexploitation is directly related Our consumption and the way we consume waterJose said

According to the researcher, sCutzamala system It takes more than Forty years Saving water, but the unusual growth in the Valley of Mexico, i.e. unplanned population growth, The demand for water consumption is increasing.

“There is also a very strong industrial corridor created all over the Valley of Mexico that requires more water and if we add the agricultural parts that are not equipped with technology, it increases even more, so The water they need to be able to produce the food we eat every day is not enough.

The fact that we only have a reserve of 40% means we can get up to a year at the mostWe need to restore all the mountains, forests and agricultural areas technology that has a direct impact on recharge the Kutzamala aquifer. “, pointed out.

Jose mentioned that The longer it takes to satisfy this need, the faster this water resource will be depleted.

The most important thing now is to completely recycle all of the water que sale del drenaje, porque una vez que reciclemos toda el agua, la purifiquemos y la reinsertemos en el sistema entonces posiblemente tengamos como dos o tres años después de margen, este año se predice que va a llover menos y si no actu water”, Cautious.

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Finally, the expert offers five tips to start caring for your valuable item.

1.- Create a uses diagram

How do we use water at home and how much do we spend? If you bathe in the shower for five minutes, you can change the shower to a saver shower. You can measure water consumption with a bucket, Measuring the time it takes to fill the rim, when we wash our hands the same way, For example.

2.- Measure the amount of water in the buckets

“When we wash our clothes, it is still advisable to throw a full load of clothes, put a bucket if we do not have a saving device in the bathroom, take a shower with a bucket of water, and as before, learn how to Respect the water, He said.

Tec expert predicts the breakdown of the Cutzamala system

3.- Generating aesthetic solutions to avoid using water

“You can only wash a car with a bucket once a week Reducing water consumption And vacuum clean it to make it as clean as possible; Many young people from different schools have created some aesthetic solutions to avoid using water and cleaning the car., pointed out.

4.- Dishwashing basins

“You can use the fret basin To soak the dishes and another to wash them with a little bleach., He advised.

5.- Establishing a compost bin and water collector

“With leftovers, try to make Compost So we can start recycling, and also thoroughly vacuuming our roofs Set up a tube that allows rainwater to collect.

“There are some regulations that are being implemented in Mexico City, and they are tlaloquesA filter they put in to filter rainwater and use it to clean the bathroom, wash cars, and water the garden. “He completed.

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Tec expert predicts the breakdown of the Cutzamala system

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