Tec CSF students receive the Ambassadors Chair

Faculty of Social Sciences and Government at the Tecnológico de Monterrey . Campus santa fe Received various ambassadors to talk about topics of interest to countries and Mexico and to maintain dialogue with students.

The campus welcomed the Norwegian ambassador Ragnhild EmerslundBangladesh’s ambassador worshiper of Islam The Japanese ambassador Noretiro Fukushima.

Visit Ragnhild Emerslund Focus on the presentation from his point of view The relationship between Norway and Mexico and cooperation tools in which both countries participate.

“It is a pleasure to be with you, International Relations students, I have studied the same profession and personally it is the best profession. The main theme of my presentation is peace and reconciliation What is this A priority for Norwegian foreign policy.

“also It is an issue we share with Mexico in which we may have different points of view, but if We have identified it as a common priority for both countries“, pointed out.

Tec CSF students receive the Ambassadors Chair
Ragnhild Emerslund, Norway’s ambassador to Mexico.

Noretiro Fukushimaspoke about bilateral relations between Japan and Mexico, touching on topics such as The strength of the relationship between the two countriesThe Opportunity areas And situations that can occur around the world.

“Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity to talk about the relationship between our two countries, Our relationship with Mexico is very strange and deep. We focus on the strengths of our relationship, on areas of opportunity.

Also strategies for Increasing bilateral relations in the economic fields s PolicyActions to be taken to implement TIPAT/CPTPP and global situations that are changing peace and the economy”a statement.

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Our relationship with Mexico is very strange and deep“.

Tec CSF students receive the Ambassadors Chair
Noretero Fukushima, Ambassador of Japan to Mexico.

Cultural exchange between Bangladesh and Mexico

Finally, during her visit to the Bangladeshi ambassador to Mexico, worshiper of Islamemphasize the interest in Cultural exchange between your nation and Mexico.

Obaidah Islam also announced that a new file Cultural alliance with the Mexican governmentwhich he hopes to achieve greater cooperation between his country and each state of Mexico.

“Dear professors and students, it is an honor and privilege for me to be present at this prestigious university, and to introduce you to a little bit of my country’s culture”He expressed.

Tec CSF students receive the Ambassadors Chair
Abida Islam, Bangladeshi ambassador to Mexico.

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