Tec brings together teachers to analyze political science and democracy

Within a year where 73 countries All over the world they will celebrate Government electionshe Tech de Monterrey Organized Second Annual Political Science Conference In order to promote the exchange of ideas between academics and researchers on this topic.

Universities play an essential role “At critical moments of political systems.” Edna Jaime, National Dean of the University, said during the opening of the meeting: Faculty of Social Sciences and Government of Tec de Monterrey.

He added that too “I believe it is necessary to place Tec de Monterrey and knowledge on the key issues of the current national debate.

“These help us understand complex phenomena related to our nature political system and generate new avenues for discussion.

Edna Jaime, dean of TEC's School of Social Sciences and Government, led the second annual Political Science Conference. Photo: Samuel Becerra.

Seeking the second edition of the annual conference Leadership excellence In the field of Political Science And creating global networks.

In addition, they would like to enhance research and feedback from international leaders and research Collaboration between teachers from Tec and other universities.

“Universities play an essential role in the contours of political systems.” – Edna Jaime.

Democratic erosion and citizen participation

During the annual political science conference, many topics were covered, including a panel discussion on: Democratic erosion.

In the words of academic Susan Strokes, of… University of ChicagoDemocratic erosion is – Reducing the responsibility of the executive authority For each country, the quality of democracy declines.

The professor, along with 6 other academics, addressed the factors that influence practice and Correct use of the political systemNamely, democracy, plus the suboptimal consequences of its misuse.

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For committee members, one of the most obvious signs of this Retail It is the shift made by citizens from using public services to private services, especially health and education, which translates into – Lack of confidence in public systems.

During the Democratic Erosion Commission, academics exchanged ideas about political science. Photo: Alexa Orozco.
The committee served as a space for exchanging ideas about political science

In Strokes' view, democratic erosion poses a challenge to discovery How to regain trust Citizens in democratic institutions.

For her part, Agustina Giraudi American UniversityHe said “Democratic erosion is nothing new. What is new is the attack on electoral institutions.”

Professor Giraudi stressed the importance of strong institutions in the effective practice of democracy.

For her part, Sandra Lee, Security Program Coordinator, said: Mexico resides, Highlight the importance Effective and corruption-free public sectors In democratic countries, because without it there would be fewer candidates for public office.

“There are citizens who find themselves completely dissatisfied with what democracy has offered them and come to believe that there is… Fragmentation of the social contractAna de la or Torres de la reported university From Yale University.

“The quality and effectiveness of democracy depends on its use and the manner in which it is employed.” – Sebastian Mazzuca.

Finally, Sebastian Mazzucca, from Hopkins UniversityHe pointed out the importance of distinguishing between bad democratic practices as a The failure of the political system itself.

“Democracy does not have an agency, as governments do, and the quality and effectiveness of democracy is due in part to its use and the way it is employed.” prediction.

According to committee members, to restore and preserve democracy Citizen participation is essential.

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Susan Stokes highlighted the role of citizens within democracy, on the occasion of Voting responsibility And practice it with the necessary knowledge about who to vote for.

Academic Ana de la O Torres stressed the consequences of democratic erosion. Photo by Alexa Orozco.
Academics from various universities participated in the Democratic Erosion Commission

They also said that in order to call for greater citizen participation, elections are needed in which all candidates have the potential to be elected and on the basis of Proposals free from social biases.

the Second Annual Political Science Conference It was held last March 1 and 2 at the facilities of the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Government of Tec de Monterrey Puebla Campus.

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