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There is no doubt that cSome millionaires Take advantage of moving private planes In order to reach their destinations much faster, however, in the context of an unprecedented climate crisis, there are celebrities They have no plans to mitigate their carbon footprint.

Who are the most polluted celebrities with their private jets?

According to an investigation by Yard (Across The Tab), the average celebrity generates 3,256.36 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Which is 465 times more than the average person Which averages just 7 tons a year on commercial flights.

To prepare the report, Yard pulled data from celebrity planes. The platform that extracts files ADS-B . exchange information (“The world’s largest public source of unfiltered aviation data,” according to its website.)

Twitter: @celebjets

To make the ranking, he based his estimates of carbon emissions Estimated by the UK Department of Transport that a plane travels around 850 km / h, emit 134 kg of carbon dioxide per hour.

this is the last Estimate 134 kg Multiplied by time spent in the air and by a factor of 2.7 to calculate “Radioactive effect”. Which includes other harmful emissions such as nitrous oxide. Then this number divided by 1000 to convert it to tons.

He is recently the influencer of the Kardashian family, Kylie JennerIt went viral after posting a picture of her on Instagram with her boyfriend. travis scott, In front of two private planes. Likewise, he has learned that he is constantly on flights It lasts less than 20 minutes.

Celebrity private jets
Instagram: @kyliejenner

Here is the full list of celebrities:

10. Travis Scott (CO2 emissions from flights this year: 3033.3 tons)

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9. Oprah Winfrey (CO2 emissions from 68 flights this year: 3,493.17 tons)

8. Mark Wahlberg (CO2 emissions from 65 flights this year: 3,735.2 tons)

7. Kim kardashian (CO2 emissions from 57 flights this year: 4268.5 tons)

6. Steven Spielberg (CO2 emissions from 61 flights this year: 4,465 tons)

5. Blake Shelton (CO2 emissions from 111 flights this year: 4,495 tons)

four. Rod A (CO2 emissions from 106 flights this year: 5,342.7 tons)

3. Jay Z (CO2 emissions from 136 flights this year: 6981.3 tons)

two. Floyd Mayweather Jr. (CO2 emissions from 177 flights this year: 7076.8 tons)

1. Taylor Swift (CO2 emissions from 170 flights this year: 8,293.54 tons)

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