Tahaluf – an agreement to professionalize esports in the region of Dr.

The Higher Institute of Studies Specialized in Social Sciences and Humanities Dr. Luis Heredia Bonetti (IES-LHB) and the Dominican Federation of Electronic Sports (FDDE) signed a cooperation agreement between institutions, which represents a milestone in esports. Sports In the Dominican Republic.

The agreement between the two institutions was signed by the President of the FDDE, Yaqui Núñez-del Risco Mejía, and the Dean of the IES-LHB, Anton Tejeda.

The primary goal of this alliance is Establishing academic training programs and professionalizing e-sports.

The esports qualification diploma will be accredited and recognized by FDDE and certification by the International Education and Training Foundation Pearson – Qualifications, an entity authorized to award internationally recognized academic degrees in more than 300 different training lines.

Regarding this event, Núñez-del Risco Mejía affirms: “This agreement will mark a before and after mark on the date of Sports In our region where it comes to improving aspects of academic training and professionalizing esports through programs recognized all over the world. These programs go to the pyramid of those who make up the e-sports ecosystem in our country, a sector in which more than 5 million Dominicans interact. “

Likewise, Anton Tejeda said: “We focus on developing the education sector for young people. IES-LHB strives to be an innovative entity in education that provides educational and productive ecosystems where students are encouraged to participate, values ​​are promoted and thus the necessary skills are acquired that allow them to get employment immediately. ”

The event was attended by the Ambassador of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Maqbool Ali, who was an honorary witness. Deputy Technical Minister for the Ministry of Sports, Elvis Duarte, and Deputy Technical Department 1 of the National District, Orlando Jorge Villegas.

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