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Today, the last Saturday of March, is 15th edition of #LaHoraDelPlaneta. The world’s largest environmental citizenship movement invites you to turn off the lights on buildings, businesses and monuments between 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm. Demanding governments to take urgent action against climate change and the destruction of nature. from the event More than 190 countries and regions participate Where different activities take place. One of the most important of these races is the Move For The Planet race.

The movement started in 2007 in Sydney, Australiasponsored by the World Conservation Organization (WWF) and other collaborators with a symbolic blackout. During the early years, they held meetings with distributors of the electrical grid and energy resources to make clear that the intention was not to save energy or cause the grid to collapse, but to raise awareness about climate change.

Berlin, Brandenburg Gate

“This year, Earth Hour will take place at a very difficult time due to the conflict in Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis it is causing. Our hearts and thoughts are with all those affected,” the WWF said.

They also launched the campaign under the slogan “Move around the Planet” to publicly express their support by running, walking, skiing and climbing the kilometers that will be counted until the start of Earth Hour. The total accumulated challenge area was 248,237 km.

The most important cities in the world and also the towns where such proposals do not usually have the support that is adhered to by stopping their monuments. of between it Saint Peter’s Square in the VaticanThe Chinese Olympic Stadium; Tokyo sky treeThe Petronas TowersThe Eiffel towerhe is the London EyeThe amphitheater roman Acropolis Athena and Niagara Falls.

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When cities decide to commit to turning off their lights, they must sign a letter outlining the actions they will take to improve people’s quality of life throughout the environment and suggest policies to improve electrical efficiency.

For example, Tanzania aims to help students of all levels plant and care for a tree until they finish their studies, so they plan to plant 14 million trees. People in the UK were encouraged to take part in the blackout and download the My Footprint app, which allowed them to calculate the impacts their lifestyle has had on the planet and what they can do daily to reduce their footprint.

Among the celebrities who supported the proposal were Pope Francis, Charles of England, United Nations Secretary-General, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and actress Sofia Vergara.

The organization remembers that Last year, average global temperature exceeded pre-industrial levels by 1.11°C, making 2021 one of the seven hottest years in history.and highlighted the importance of urgent climate action

“We are in the midst of one of the largest mass extinctions in history,” which is also “more rapid and caused by humans,” they point out, so it comes down to “A defining moment for humanity,” when it is important to act “before it is too late.”

Finally, they insist on cooperation between states, governments, businesses and civil society to confront the climate crisis, because “the actions taken at present are those that will determine the climate risks of the future.”

They remember from the organization that this is a symbolic act. However, each citizen can, through individual daily actions, take part in the struggle against the loss of biodiversity and the care of nature.

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