Sweden, the ideal, dominates the former team’s showjumping

Sweden confirmed the good prospects for its riders, as it took first place in the showjumping competition rankings for the Tokyo 2020 team, ahead of Belgium and Germany.

Henrik von Eckermann, with King Edward, Mallin Baryard Johnson, with Indiana, and Peder Frederickson, with All-N, were the only team to finish this former without a penalty and a time of 239.57. The trio will attempt to win Sweden’s first medal in this competition since Athens 2004.

After the Swedes, winners of the 2018 World Equestrian Games, Belgium and Germany finished the day with four penalty points and times of 253.09 and 254.79 respectively.

Jerome Guerre, with Quel Homme de Hus, is the one who committed the demolition in the Belgian team, and Maurice Tabeel, with “Don Diarado”, for the German.

Switzerland finished fourth with ten points, just ahead of the United States who accumulated thirteen points, and Olympic defending champion France they secured in Rio de Janeiro 2016, who added fifteen.

Fabian Seganes with “Amir” and Martin Dobazu with “Quintino 9” and Matías Albarracín with “Cannavaro 9” beat Argentina in tenth place, the last that allowed them to reach the final with 27 points.

The classifieds list was completed by Great Britain, with individual Olympic champion Ben Maher, Brazil and the Netherlands, seventh with 20, eighth with 25, and ninth with 26, respectively.

The British tried to recover the gold they could not get in Rio with the spirits of a victory for Maher, who achieved the number “4”, as Holly Smith, while Michael van der Vleuten got individual bronze with “Beauville Z”, was not well, He was punished with eight points, but he will try to lead his team in search of a title that the Netherlands has not achieved since Barcelona 92.

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Mexico could not pass 16th due to the elimination of Eugenio Garza with Armani SL Z.

The final will take place on Saturday from 10.00 GMT in the equestrian park of the Japanese capital, whose team was unable to reach the final test.

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