Suspicion of Moreau’s bias against Lula was analyzed in Brazil – Prinsa Latina

The appeal was promoted by the defense of the founder of the Labor Party, who claims that the justice recognizes that Mourou has arbitrarily brought proceedings against the former president and, therefore, the sentences should be repealed.

The decision of Judge Gilmar Mendes, of STF, was confirmed a day after Minister Edson Fashin, who is also of the Supreme Court, annulled the rulings against the former labor leader by a Parana state judge related to the stalled Lava Jato operation.

With this ruling, he regains his political rights and is eligible once again to run for the presidency.

Vachin declared that the ParanĂ¡ Federal Court does not have jurisdiction in the Guaruja triple cases, the Atibaia website and the Lula Institute.

It is now up to the Federal Judge of the Federal District to analyze whether the acts performed in the cases are valid and can be reused.

After this ruling, the former president can run again in the presidential elections scheduled for next year.

The so-called Clean Registry Act prevented him from going to the polls, after two sentences were issued by a collective body.

Amidst the political tsunami caused by Fashin’s decision, the former head of state suspended a press conference scheduled for Tuesday, after learning that STF would rule on a complaint of bias against Morrow.

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