Surprise! Silent Hill is back, but in official merchandise form

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At this point, expect a new file the silent Hill It seems more an act of faith than a fact with sustainable rules and it’s known that Konami’s gaming division hasn’t had its best moment in years and there seems to be no way, yet, to convince the Japanese company to bring the franchise to fruition. middle of controversy with abandoned, broke into Konami’s ad and indicated that something important was on the way. However, this may not be what you expect, or certainly not if you are a fan of the franchise.

Here is Konami’s latest surprise for fans the silent Hill

A few days ago, the official store account of Konami has sparked a fan buzz by posting a photo showing the Pyramid Head and confirming that there will be an important announcement soon.. This post coincided with the theories compiled abandonedIt’s supposed to be an indie game from BLUE BOX and Which is actually believed to be a project par excellence made by Hideo Kojima. Well, the surprise came a few minutes ago from Konami Store and it is nothing more than a collection of official products.

As you can see in the post, on June 23 a collection inspired by the silent Hill And one of their first products is a skateboard that will have two models available, both sporting the terrifying nurse sport.

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On the other hand, the official merchandise collection of the silent Hill It will feature T-shirts, blouses, hats and a pillowcase, each piece with a different design showing the franchise’s name or one of its most recognizable symbols.

Official Silent Hill merchandise is real… a new game isn’t

So wait for a new batch of the silent Hill It will continue and at this time the only thing left is to know what the project is about to do abandoned.

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