Surfer Génesis Borja wears her illusions in every wave

From the age of nine the sea was his home. Her best friend. Waves are the way that led her to realize her dreams. Génesis Isabel Borja García is a great surfer for a great drop, Represents the county of Playas, the province of Guayas.

The athlete was recently a champion in the U16 and U18 classes First date of the National Surfing Circuit developed in Manta, Manabe County. In addition, it took second place in the Open category, after award winner Mimi Barona.

Borga has already represented Ecuador all over the world. He did this in two competitions held in California, USA. In the last competition, registered in 2019, in which surfers of 44 countries participated, Guayasense managed to reach until the second round.

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“There is a great level of readiness and competition on the international level. I keep preparing, training and giving everything to climb more and more. I want to raise my land and my country and support the efforts of my parents, Isabel and Jackson, ” Proudly expresses the athlete.

Borja travels from his home country to Montañita to receive special preparation for Mario Gambellini coach. He is currently preparing for his next challenge, ISA World Surfing Games, the World Surfing Championship, which will be held in El Salvador from May 26 to June 3 and will distribute the final places at the Olympic Games.

At the age of 16, Borja will join the Ecuadorian women’s team, Mimi Barona and Suzana Berezuita, who will be seeking a portion of the seven Olympic tickets for Tokyo. Who will present this last event in the World Cup.

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“It’s a huge challenge, it’s not easy, but those who love what they do will achieve their goals. I have two days off, the rest is for surfing, physical and artistic training, and waves. “

Guinness is eager to keep catching the waves that will lead her to yet another dream: to be in the women’s CT (Championship Tour Ranking) rating. Contains references to the Americans Caroline Marx and Carissa Moore, Notable surfers in the world.

“ The key is persistence and perseverance, You must not stop training, Waves should always be on your mind. I remember seeing Professor Patricio Caicedo training with the Enjabao kids. I’ve always wanted to be there and now that I’ve achieved it, I mustn’t stop, ” he highlights.

Borja recommends that children and teens choose surfing as part of their lives. “It is a wonderful sport, you share it with friends, you know nature, and in the water you forget all the problems. We can all, with God’s help, what we propose to do,” says Guinness, who when he climbs on a wave he is accompanied by his dreams and goals in the world of sports.

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