Supposed Ghost UK, Paranormal Video of the Year

Paranormal events happen quite often, but the one that happened in the UK has traveled the world. It all happened with a strange recording in an old one brick texture, where you can see a corridor with a bright light in what appears to be the head of the ghost.

In the clip filmed by the British Susan Farnam, it is possible to see a light traveling from one end to the other, in a completely strange and fast way, as if you were to go unnoticed. Then the ghost character fades and disappears, which raises questions among Internet users.

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from residents Upper Hillsdon, Norwich, He spoke to local media and said that he never believed in ghosts, but his experience made him completely change his mind. While he was president of the Society for the Scientific Study of Anomalies (ASSAP), Chris Romer, and declared the audio and visuals to be “the best ghost video seen all year.”

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The place where the video was recorded, according to different neighbors, was a brick factory used by workers Flashlights on his headSo it is believed that the ghost is one of the former employees.

Although it is believed to be a true audiovisual, the Tuareg specialist does not consider it to be true. Photo: Twitter Rosario 3

The Parasic world refutes the facts

Regardless of the fact that residents of the current residential area consider the stele to be a ghost, Parasicóloga Becky Smith He explains that the supposed paranormal phenomenon corresponds to a person who quickly passes a flashlight or a cell phone. “It baffles me because the shape seems to curve in the middle but not enough to make me think it’s anything but extraordinary,” Smith told local media.

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Audiovisual where the supposed ghost appears wandering the residential area. Video: Twitter Rosario 3

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