Sunak insists that there will be no permanent ceasefire in Gaza until Hamas releases the hostages

Sunak insists that there will be no permanent ceasefire in Gaza until Hamas releases the hostagesEuropean press

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi SunakHe insisted on Tuesday that the only way to achieve a permanent ceasefire in Gaza was to reach an agreement launch The hostages are still in the hands of Hamas. “It is clear that A The ceasefire will not last If the hostages are still being held. And whether Hamas, whose stated goal is the destruction of Israel, is still capable of operating in underground tunnels and launching rocket attacks.” Snack In his appearance before the Liaison Committee, a parliamentary committee composed of the heads of dozens of parliamentary committees board of the Public.

The Prime Minister justified his government’s decision to do so Avoid supporting the ceasefire In the tape Whether in the British Parliament or in the United Nations It demonstrated Israel’s right to defend itself from Hamas attacks Apathy upon conviction Many deaths among civilians, which Exceeds 19,000According to the Ministry of Health in the Palestinian Strip, it is in the hands of Hamas. These numbers far exceed the number of deaths during more than 30 years of conflict in Northern Ireland, as stated by some MPs. Sunak stressed that Israel must take “every precaution” possible to avoid the killing of innocent people, but highlighted that many… responsible falls on Hamas because of“They deliberately plant themselves” among the civilian population.

The British government has expressed its support for “Humane breaks“To allow aid to enter through border crossings.” The opening of the Kerem Shalom crossing is important. We’re exploring too Alternative sea routesWhich, given our origins in Cyprus, can play a leading role. “We are working in every way to get more help to people who need it,” Sunak said. David Cameronmoved this Tuesday to Paris actually Rome To address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza with the French President, Emmanuel MacronAnd with his Italian counterpart Antonio Tajani.

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Deportation to Rwanda

Aside from the position on the Gaza conflict, Sunak’s appearance addressed other sensitive issues for his government. Chairman of the Interior Committee, Labor Member Diana JohnsonThe Prime Minister was subjected to tense interrogation about… Immigration policy The Executive Committee’s recommendations focused on the plan to deport asylum seekers who arrive in the UK illegally to Rwanda. Sunak avoided clarifying whether any airline wanted to operate flights to the African country and resisted providing data on… Total cost of the plan. Currently, the British government has compensated Rwanda with approx 280 million eurosAlthough no flight has yet left for Kigali.

Sunak also avoided setting a new date to fulfill his promise to stop Irregular access Ships through the English Channel, tentatively scheduled for the end of this year. Although this was one of the government’s main priorities, it has not been achieved so far Reduce the total number Of arrivals in 30%. The Prime Minister stressed that important progress has been made in this regard, although the Chairman of the Interior Committee reminded him that the number this year is the highest. Second highest While there are record numbers, only surpassed by last year’s record, when More than 45,000 expatriates.

Unfulfilled promises

Sunak’s intervention before the Liaison Committee led to an agreement Balance for the yearWhich was the last day of parliamentary activity before the Christmas break. A year in which the Prime Minister failed to achieve any of the goals he set in January: halving inflation, economic growth, reducing public debt, reducing public health waiting lists and ending irregular ship arrivals through the country. English Channel.

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Of the five promises he made at the beginning of the year, only a few were fulfilled Cut inflation in halfWhile there are other goals Far from being achievedincluding limiting Waiting lists in it National Health Service (NHS). Sunak attributed the delay in achieving this target to strikes by resident doctors, whom he criticized for continuing strikes despite the fact that the rest of the public servants had already accepted salary increases proposed by the executive.

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