Sunak has vowed to bring UK inflation under control through “discipline” in public spending

R was found.Ishi SunakPrime Minister United kingdom He promised to control inflation by maintaining “discipline” in public spending and taxation.

In an interview with timesAnd Sunak He said he “strongly believes” he can bring down inflation and revive economic growth in the UAE United kingdom.

The prime minister added that he was “really optimistic” about the future and “confident” that inflation will come down enough to ease the cost of living crisis.

Sunak Accused Keir StarmerThe Labor leader must “abdicate” his responsibility in the fight against inflation with his green investment plan 28 billion pounds sterling Sterling refused to exclude higher wages in the public sector.

Inflation fell from 7.9 percent to 6.8 percent last month, according to official figures released on Wednesday. Wages are now above inflation for the first time since September 2021 amid signs the cost of living crisis may be beginning to abate.

When asked to Sunak If people are going to feel better a year from now, the Prime Minister said: “That’s my job, to make sure that not only does it happen, but they feel it happening. You can start now to see that there is an opportunity for wages to grow faster than inflation in the future.”

I am very proud of our country and what makes us special. I am very optimistic about the futureRishi SunakUK Prime Minister

but, Sunak He rejected calls by some Conservative MPs to cut taxes now, warning that unfunded borrowing would only exacerbate inflation.

“The best thing now for the country is to reduce inflation,” the prime minister added. “It means being disciplined indebtednessdisciplined in spendEither spend on a lot of things (public sector payments) or cut back Unfunded taxes. This is all part of the discipline in the nation’s finances.”

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Economists consulted times They noted that the economic outlook has not improved enough to remove the need for further interest rate hikes. Core inflation, excluding volatile items such as food and energy prices, remained unchanged at 6.9%.

expert group of Institute for Financial Studies (IFS) warned that promise Sunak Halving inflation by the end of the year may be in jeopardy.

Heidi Karjalainenfollower IFS“The prime minister’s target of halving the rate of inflation by the end of the year has always been a bit odd, as there is not much the Treasury can do to influence the pace of rate increases,” he said.

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