Summer is coming to the UK: good weather + traffic light = accommodation

UK expects a bubble subordinate staycation Starting from the end of this week, when the weather forecast confirms that summer is coming to the country with temperatures above 31 degrees Celsius. The arrival of good weather coincides with three indisputable facts: The few countries on the green list From the English traffic light, the quarantine that remains in effect on return for those traveling to destinations in Amber and They are not vaccinated, and the End of all restrictions in England. All this, on July 19, the Monday, after the first weekend of summer.

that Britons who have not been vaccinated or who do not have both doses must continue to be quarantined On their return to the UK if they travel to an amber-listed country like Spain, as of Monday, it’s no small feat.

at this time Only half of the UK population is vaccinated with both dosesWhile 67.7% are vaccinated with a single dose. Quarantine is canceled only for those who have been fully vaccinated and have received the second dose 14 days before the start of the trip.

That 67.7%, in addition to the unvaccinated, continue to be quarantined for 10 days upon returning home after vacationing at the Kahraman destination. This is in addition to the polymerase chain reaction. Here you can see the requirements that apply to vaccinated and unvaccinated Britons traveling to Spain: The Balearic Islands are moving to the UK’s amber list from 19 July.

summer and even heat wave

Weather wanted summer to arrive in the UK this weekend, with temperatures on Sunday possibly reaching 31C according to the BBC. Monday, “Freedom Day” because all restrictions are ending, it will be a bright and sunny day across the country.

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According to the Daily Express, at least 33 million people will spend their holidays in their country, something that will help a lot to achieve Meteorology as obstacles to international travel And the possibility of having to run from a destination that changes qualifications at a traffic light, to avoid quarantine on return, as will happen in the Balearic Islands this weekend.

Schools are ending next week, this medium expects that millions of families will forget to travel abroad due to a lot of uncertainty, inconvenience and extra costs, and will remain in the country

According to a survey cited by this broker, 62% of Brits He plans to spend his main summer vacation in the UK. In 2019, that number was in the middle.

So far, it has been raining heavily in the UK, allowing jokes about the new British style of eating out in the age of Covid. However, good weather arrives and restrictions will end together as of Monday.

stays s working cations

Data from the annual index staycation From Skyes Holiday Cottages, one of the country’s premier country and boarding accommodation rental platforms, guarantees bookings at 17,000 vacation homes It grew 40% this summercompared to before the epidemic.

According to this company, the increase in domestic demand will mean pumping 30 thousand million pounds (35 thousand million euros) for the holiday sector.

also direction working cationsAnd the Vacations mixed with work, will help make these numbers a reality, due to the greater flexibility of companies and the increase in remote work.

Currently the top UK places to stay are Warton in Lancashire, Liskeard in Cornwall and Barmouth in Wales.

The British who decide staycation They plan to spend an average of £940 (€1,098) on their main summer holidays, including accommodation, travel, food and drinks.

deterrent uncertainty

Namely, the British government played, another summer, to press the button to go out For international travel, promoting insecurity, checking the traffic light every three weeks and Destinations change from amber to green without warning and a few days in advance.

I’ve done so in the previous two reviews and also this week, giving Brits in destinations that were green and gone amber, like Portugal a few weeks ago and the Balearic Islands now, a few days to go home. country if they want to avoid quarantine. With what cancellations, changes to reservations, early returns and refunds mean for destinations and businesses

The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) has criticized for the umpteenth time the Boris Johnson government’s erratic policy on international travel, with the Balearic Islands turning from green to amber. “This will spoil the summer vacation for tens of thousands of people.”said Virginia Messina, head of the World Trade Center in the UK.

Messina again regrets that the confusion is what has been achieved, A confusion that would “discour more Britons from vacationing abroad.” As summer progresses.”

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