Summary of the week: Fresh graduate studies in political science and educational policy, national congressional elections, future supporter of Rodrigo Maya and much more.

Another version of the Legis-Ativo Podcast is broadcasting. With support from the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the Conscious Vote movement, political scientists Humberto Dantas, Graziella Goyotti Testa and Vitor Oliveira are discussing the issues that have moved the legislature the most this week.

That week, I was Conscious Voting Movement The Lato Senso Graduate Course for the Institute of Singularities in Political Science and Educational Policy, with support from Legis-Ativo, Legisla Brasil, RAPS and Politize! The course lasts about 18 months and consists of 360 hours / semester divided into five modules; Each unit will contain a 100% range of remote categories, allowing interested parties from all over Brazil to participate. The postgraduate program aims to provide participants with a rich and comprehensive specialization in the field of political science, with a special focus on public education policy in its broadest sense. For more information and to subscribe, visit the link:

In addition to this novelty, he continued to analyze elections to the Senate and the House of Representatives. The coalition in the logic of the Bolsonaro government; And the potential change of Rodrigo Maya’s party: Some are suggesting that the former mayor go to the PSL.

Press play and check it out and more! Remember, our podcasts can also be followed on the podcast platforms of Google and Spotify, and our texts are available here on the Legis-Ativo Blog, on the Mandato Ativo website, and on the Legisla Brasil website. Moreover, the analyzes and opinions presented here are of interest to the authors and do not represent the institutional position of the support organizations, in this case, O Estado de São Paulo, the NGO Movimento Voto Consciente, and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

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