Suitable year for scientific communication and journalism Grupo Milenio

Science communication and journalism are crucial in these years. we We face 2024 with great opportunities to combat problems Important, which has not been resolved yet. We have a crisis upon us A climate that is getting worse every year, coupled with growing and unstoppable inequality in the world, leading to public health problems in many corners From the planet.

Only two, out of many global analyses, describe the panorama of the future Next up is not so positive, the 2022 Emissions Gap Report from The United Nations Environment Program indicated that we are far from achieving the goal From the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to less than 2 degrees Celsius and at 2022, Global Food Crisis Report 2023, documented this issue The number of people suffering from acute food insecurity rose to 258 million in nearly 60 countries.

Communications professionals and journalists who work with data Scientists, we need more spaces that open the door to critical thinking. To discuss, create stories, and present scientific data Construct arguments that talk about the problems that are destroying the planet, and And also among the solutions available to us in public policies and in… Citizen participation.

Fortunately, with the advancement of technology and media They have diversified the ways of communicating with audiences. at recent days Platforms and formats have opened new windows in which to connect data Society and politics, create new ways of communicating, and increasePossibilities to inform and communicate in a more democratic way with many Communities.

In this global effort, it is very useful for telecommunications companies and Institutional means, allocating more time, space and resources to those who We make science, technology and innovation visible, but also to those who do it. We do this through critical thinking, putting the most complex issues on the table, Like the world needs to stop excessive use of plastic and all Hydrocarbons, or to accelerate the energy transition, increase investment in Science and health, and involving scientific data in every public policy.

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2024 is a great year, because it is full of very important choices, including Our position, we can communicate to help decision makers Resolutions have more tools to create and vote on laws that Contribution, and for citizens to obtain useful elements for their election Representatives of the good of the planet and all its life.

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