“Succession” actor Brian Cox conveys Banco Santander’s business-to-business tie-in abilities

In business, it’s not just about who you know. It’s about who doesn’t“.

B2B line of Santander Bank in the UKthe name of the thing commercial and corporate banking, Promoted its first advertising campaign on television to publicize the advantages of its programs and tools for creating alliances, connections and synergies in the international development of companies.

For this, he trusted the actor Brian Cox Who until a few weeks ago played Logan Roy, CEO and founder of Waystar Royco, in the TV series “Succession”. However, the British actor recounts on the record that he’s much friendlier than the one he’s had so far “links” Unexpected business opportunities that can arise from seemingly irrelevant moments and connections.

The campaign conveys Santander’s proposal to help companies find links for their growth

Created by Creative Collective House 337 and take out Tom Hooper (“The King’s Speech”), announcing the services and valuable contribution of Banco Santander in helping companies to Create the connections necessary to fuel your growth. The campaign’s vision was drawn from research into the difficulties faced by companies looking to expand abroad, which identified lack of access to the most important people and organizations they need to know as major obstacles.

We are delighted to have Brian Cox on board to help get the message across to businesses across the country that Santander UK can connect them with the right partners who will help them break into new markets both in the UK and internationally.l”, commented Dan Sherwood, Marketing Director of Santander UK, according to drum.

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We have been tasked with telling the business world about Santander UK’s vast network of business contacts, who better to tell this story than the wonderful Brian Cox?”, noted Jo Moore, Executive Creative Director of House 337. She also noted that the creative idea turned the saying “The work is only about who you know what, in addition to the talent of Tom Hooper and Brian Cox, has allowed to create a connection that highlights the value Unlike the financial institution.

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The campaign was activated on June 3 and includes executions in outdoor advertising, television, press, social networks, digital platforms and points of sale. The strategy will also be broadcast on large and small digital media at travel venues and shopping malls starting from June 5.

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