Study project to improve teaching in health sciences

A team of professors from the University of Seville, including A Radio Nazarene Antonio Manuel BarberoHe is working on a study project An interdisciplinary network for innovation and improvement of teaching in health sciences degrees. Dr. Antonio Manuel explains that the goal of this initiative is “Improving teaching With its adaptation New challenges, challenges and skills of future graduates.” In fact, he refers to “ Just digitize “It really forces us to transform education to encourage abilities, such as motivation, creativity and lifelong learning.”

Ongoing research is funded by IV Teaching plan of the University of Sevillewith the coordination From the doctor Maria Dolores Guerra Martin The departments of nursing, physical therapy, podiatry, dentistry, medical biochemistry, molecular biology, immunology and medicine participate. In addition, the San Juan de Dios Annex Center and the Nursing Department of the University of Granada are added.

1000 students benefited from it

It is estimated that various improvements to this project to The study will benefit about 1,000 students Health Sciences. Highlighting, Radio Barbero adds, “ Methodological innovations: Collaborative group work, flipped classroom, clinical simulation, games, learning through positive references, learning through audio-visual materials, learning through social networks and problem-based learning, among others.

Moreover, in this sense, two Workshops With teachers and students, in which they participate Famous lecturers In this regard, in addition to two visits to others Universities To participate Knowledge and experiences.

Regardless of participation in it Educational innovation conferences To learn about the latest trends in this regard and disseminate activities related to research.

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