Students seeking accreditation for Grupo Milenio, the London science fair

the Latin American Society of Applied Science and Technology (Solacyt) It has members all over the place Mexico and in 15 countries in Latin America and Spainand this is March 25th It will be the final state to collect 32 groups of children and young people To provide Projects in scientific and technological fields.

Gerardo Alejandro González Adam, Solaceite Delegate in Coahuila StateHe said that this NGO is seeking Promoting science and technology among children and youthThis is the reason for organizing many events, including the multimedia project in the state Coahuila and Laguna de Durango.

“Each year in this activity we seek to select winners to participate in the competition Solacyt National Eventsand they are given Credits for international eventsfor this date they signed up 32 projects from the state of Coahuila, as well as from Gómez Palacio y Lerdo, Durango“.

He stated that the participants are competing to get Accreditation at the London Science Fairfive of them are finalists of word computing scheduled to be held in Guadalajaraas well as many more Passes to Solacyt National.

Children and young people will have the opportunity to advertise their work in categories Science, Short Films, Scientific Story, Software Development, Scientific Publishing and Robotics Which will be located in the secondary area of St. Robert’s College.

Each project will be reviewed by by at least three specialists in the areacounting so far with approx 36 residentsIt’s very cool because the baby is getting feedback from the experts.”

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Finally, he invites them to come and learn about the projects of primary, secondary, secondary and university students.

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