Students from San Felipe and Los Andes will carry out science projects at Explora Academies ⋆ Preludio Radio

Explora Valparaíso of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation, led by the Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso, held its first regional meeting in Los Andes-San Felipe, an occasion in which nearly 40 students from 13 institutions began their participation alongside the Explora School Research and Innovation Academies .

The academies seek to develop students' scientific and comprehensive skills by creating group projects. To do this, they are invited to observe their environment, ask questions and propose solutions based on evidence, thus promoting curiosity, teamwork, learning from the process and innovation.

During this trip, the teams are accompanied by an advisory committee composed of researchers from universities affiliated with the Council of Deans of Valparaiso, associated research centers and the Explora Valparaiso team, through various workshops and meetings.

This conference, titled “Starting the Adventure: School Science with Bioethics,” seeks to provide primary and secondary school students with tools to facilitate the beginnings of their projects. Carlos Porro Valencia is a second year student at Liceo Dario Salas, Municipality of Santa María, and he enthusiastically stated “It is my first time participating in the Explora Academies. I love discovering new environments, new friends and being part of something. Helping the cause of the environment and contributing to The work you do is also my motivation.

Commitment to school science in the regions

The Mayor of San Felipe, Carmen Castillo, highlighted the importance of implementing these activities: “For us, everything that means innovation and research is very important, and linking it to bioethics is essential, as it is the basis for continuing to implement the various processes (…) We have young people who need a lot.” They often want to learn more so that they can apply their knowledge. Through Explora, this possibility is provided so that they feel that today they have become more scientific.

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“It is very essential that we know science, because it is a way of thinking and determining truth (…) It is appreciated that Explora has these spaces and I would like more institutions and students to participate soon,” said Miguel Caro. Head of the Regional Directorate of Education of San Felipe.

For his part, Explora Valparaíso Director, Victor Salinas, pointed out the importance of mobilizing towards the regions through initiatives: “This is part of an effort that we are making as a program, which is to decentralize our activities. Promoting science is an important component of development in all regions. Coming to San Felipe is a presence, but it also promotes science, research and innovation in students.

Soon, Explora Academies will advance to receiving personalized scientific advice according to the topics covered, to serve as an important methodological support for the development of their research or innovative projects.

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