Stranger Things 4 Breaks It On Netflix And Guinness Records

Weird things He exceeded all expectations with the launch of the second part of the fourth season, because a few days after his first show he already broke. Several records.

Episodes just arrived July 1 on Netflix It broke the US broadcast record for the minutes watched in one week, according to Nielsen Consulting.

The Hollywood Reporter She noted that the production achieved 7.2 billion minutes of watch time for the week from May 30 to June 5. It also had the highest two-week tally of any show, recording 5.14 billion minutes of viewership by the time the first part was released.

With these values ​​was Stranger Things 4 I managed to exceed the recorded numbers tiger king s Ozarks In 2020. The proof of its success is that Netflix had a downfall on its platform when the new seasons were released.

But these were not the only records that the production of the Duffer Brothers broke, as it also gave a new impetus to Singer Kate Bush with your subject Running over this hillwhich took over the music platforms with the premiere of the first part of the fourth season flow.

Released 37 years ago, the theme, which included a version produced by Placebo, entered the Guinness Book of World Records with wins in three categories.

Stranger Things 4 The performer has pushed to establish herself as the singer with the longest time to reach #1 on the official singles chart, as well as the oldest female artist to reach #1.

She also broke the Guinness World Record for the longest gap between the top spots on the UK’s official singles chart, beating Cher who held those titles. make bush top 1 with Wuthering Heights In 1978, 44 years ago.

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