Stop it all! We will have a new Harry Styles album

Our dear Harry Styles announced a new album via Instagram, under the title Harry’s house It will be available May 20 across Colombia.

According to a press release, the long-awaited successor to A fine line (As of 2019) it will consist of 13 songs and we are sure it will top the charts once the new British singer project comes out.

Styles released his solo debut in 2017, a year after One Direction announced that they were taking a break. break. Harry Styles’ second album, A fine lineIncluded hit one “watermelon sugar”which, after topping the Billboard and Apple Music charts, awarded Styles a 2021 Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance. Harry was also nominated for Best Music Video (from “Adore You”) and Best Pop Vocal Album at the 2021 Grammys.

This is a very busy year for Styles, as he will have 3 dates in Mexico as part of the Love On Tour, later this year he will be leading Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2022. In addition, he tours and performs in the UK with the support of Mitsky. And of course, this ad means that when it comes to Mexico, we’ll likely hear new songs live.

Clues about Harry’s new album

Much in the style of his ex-wife, Taylor Swift, Harry left various clues about his new album for a few days. For example, a web page is called you are at homeSo far, we only have a door, a photo of the singer, and a link to a video that seems to give us a simple overview of the album’s themes and sensibilities.

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Although there isn’t much information about it yet, it seems that the album title took its name from the song Joni Mitchell “Harry House” from the album 1975 summer meadows hiss. Harry is a big fan of Mitchell. In previous interviews, the singer revealed that “He was in a big johnny hole” When he was recording his second album.

In addition, for weeks his fans have noticed a new color scheme in his social networks and his live appearance, in which green and black stand out, as well as a change in his appearance, which means that a new era is imminent.

And that’s not all, the most observant people have also noticed clues and patterns in the books the singer and actor read, photos that appeared a few days ago behind the door on, as well as obscure advertisements in various newspapers..

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