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during WhatsApp Not only can you send text messages or multimedia files, it is also possible to share your location if the mobile device’s GPS is active. This tool often replaces the Google Maps app or web platform, but would you like to know when someone is sharing a fake location through the aforementioned instant communication service? And that’s something we at Depor will explain to you right away.

users They will never send you their real time location if they don’t want you to know where they areso they use other methods, such as: sharing a link to a specific address on Google Maps via a message, or using the current location of the WhatsApp application, and they usually resort to the latter so that it is not very clear.

When you enter any chat and go to your current location, the application will show you a map showing the exact point where you are already, is it possible to change it? Yes, because at the top you have the “magnifying glass” tool to search for other addresses. It is likely that no one will notice you if you send a location using this method There is a detail that not many people know about and may reveal that you have shared the wrong point.

How to know if they sent you a fake location on WhatsApp

  • First check it out WhatsApp You have no pending updates.
  • Now, open the conversation in which the location was sent to you.
  • Here you need to be meticulous, the technology portal reported Xataka Android.
  • If the map preview in chat has a name at the bottom, then it’s a fake location.
  • Otherwise, they shared their real current location.
  • Previously, the difference was more noticeable because you would see different colored icons within the map when searching for a location.
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With false description and without current description. (Image: Zataka Android)

Steps to improve the sound in WhatsApp calls

  • Make sure you have enough mobile data to make a call of several minutes.
  • The main problem is that you have the option activated Save data for calls.
  • Enter “Settings” > tap on the section that says “Storage & Data.”
  • Finally, turn off the “Use less data for calls” toggle.
  • This is done, so the quality of the outgoing sound will improve dramatically.

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