Star Wars Battlefront 2 is the free version of the Epic Store next week •

And Crying Suns is free now.

Weekly free video game promotions continue from the Epic Store, the next upcoming one is DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront 2, which will be a free download starting Thursday January 14th.

The highly anticipated launch of Star Wars Battlefront 2 in 2017 was, of course, forever tainted by the controversy surrounding pay-for-profit systems and loot boxes – both of which were heavily criticized by publisher EA and DICE. Reverse path at the endSignificantly Recast the game progression system And switch to Micro transactions for cosmetics only While that.

With these changes completion, It was much easier to appreciate the DICE shooter strengths, which, as noted by Eurogamer’s Martin Robinson In his initial review, Was always able to do some really dazzling action moments, despite her unnecessary noise. He wrote, “When you settle in … there’s nothing quite like it,” he wrote, “and not all the drama and shady decisions made elsewhere should obscure DICE’s often astonishing accomplishments.”

Star Wars Battlefront 2 launch offer.

The developer continued to build on the solidity of Battlefront 2, if Somewhat confused, Nucleus In the years that followed – Adding new multiplayer maps and modes, and ultimately delivering a decent Star Wars gameplay, despite its disastrous release.

Epic giveaway – Celebration Edition of Battlefront 2 – Features all the post-launch add-ons, plus all the cosmetic content previously available as in-game purchases, including those released as part of the Rise of Skywalker update to the game.

Players will be able to Add the celebration edition Star War Battlefront 2 to their Epic Store libraries Free for one week, starting next Thursday Jan.14. Ahead, Roguelike Tactical Science Fiction You can download Crying Suns Free in store.

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