Squid Game: Challenge; When will the last episode of the reality show be shown?

Squid game He’s back to Netflix Two years after the premiere of the original South Korean series that captivated the audience, this time it jumped from imagination to reality with a competition presented in a reality program known as ‘the challenge’.

Unlike the series, in this version, the contestants are not killed by the Red Guards, but only get a splash of red paint and the winner will receive a total of $4.5 million.

“Squid Game: Challenge” It premiered on Netflix on November 22, and after two weeks of intense activity and exciting competitions, it’s almost here to come to an end as we’ll finally meet the lucky winner.

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When will the final chapter of “The Squid Game: The Challenge” be released?

Competitors United States, United Kingdom and Australia They compete in a fierce competition to be the winner of the reality show and take home the $4.5 million offered by first place.

But it will be so Next Wednesday, December 6th When, according to the original series, there will be two contestants remaining and they will fight among themselves to finally get the big winner in the final episode of “Squid Game: Challenge” Through the flow signal Netflix.

Squid game: Challenge.

Squid game: Challenge.


Contestants on “The Squid Game: The Challenge” are threatening to sue Netflix

Yes good “Squid Game: Challenge” Escaping the fantasy and crudeness of the series, where the participants were killed as soon as they lost the game in question, the contestants in this new version were not satisfied with the conditions in which they held the tests in order to be able to film the first show.

According to a report from Deadline, the reality show’s participants are planning to take legal action against him Netflix Because some of them were injured during the competition.

Other contestants say they suffered from hypothermia and suffered damage from being kept in extremely cold temperatures for long periods of time in this recording, which took place in the United Kingdom.

The goal of this reality show was to recreate exactly what happened in the series. People who needed money for various reasons went to the do or die program with no escape. By playing different matches, they had to emerge victorious so as not to be “eliminated”.

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