Square Enix announces that Balan Wonderworld’s demo will be pulled today – Nintenderos

From Twitter, we bring you a message regarding one of the most criticized games in the Nintendo Switch catalog. We are talking about Balan Wonderworld.

In the text that we leave you below, Square Enix The withdrawal of the official game demo, which will take place at 23:59 JST on April 14th, confirms all platforms, including the eShop. This means that fans will not be able to download it since then, so feel free to get it if you’re interested. We also take into account the demos Exclusive suit, Which was confirmed to be shown by another channel in the future. What was not shared was the reason for pulling this trial version out.

Here is the message:

Remember that this show was One of the first problems Those who faced the title, as many players questioned its quality. This was followed by a wave of criticism from the professional press and the players.

what do you think? If you are interested, take a look at our full coverage of the address at this link.


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