Sports suits, raincoats and second-hand clothing

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Hardly there are 6 months to Princess Eleanor (15 years old) Head to the UK to face the first step towards your future. The eldest daughter of kings Felipe VI (53) and Letizia (48) will be installed at the prestigious UWC Atlantic College where he will study for high school entrance, so he will have to stick with the exotic Rules From the center.

If the Princess of Asturias wants to adapt positively to the everyday life of the place and competently comply with the busy rhythm that will determine her school schedule, then she will immediately realize that the impeccable formal attire that she has worn so far from her public events in Spain will be the best option. Leonor de Bourbon will have to pack the bag conscious What your study program requires For this you can take a look at Look A current student living in Saint Donat’s Castle.

Bearing in mind that the teaching method at Atlantic College is characterized by its activities outside of the classroom where students can strengthen their bond Social and multicultural In line with nature and also through the acquisition of healthy habits such as Playing sportsThe outfits the princess will wear is a far cry from the flared gowns and skirts she has worn these years on institutional events. The future queen will have to have an arsenal of comfortable clothes; On your list you will definitely find tracksuit, tights, and tops that allow you to carry out every activity in your schedule without worrying.

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Atlantic students always dress comfortably, and they also have a second-hand clothing store at their disposal.


But you don’t just have to fill your bag with sportswear, because if there is any weather factor that characterizes the UK it is gray, cold and cloudy weather. For this reason, students of the famous school do not hesitate to give a special space in their wardrobe Rain coats and raincoats To face the saddest days in Wales. Most of the afternoon high school course activities take place outdoors, so Leonor should not forget to take a multitude of outdoor clothing made of waterproof materials with her.

Hiking through the woods, analysis of river flow, physical exercises on the lawn … Fashion and clothing brands are the least important at Atlantic College, as the center is governed only by its main goal: its progressive vision focused in immaterial, conscious Sustainability.

Leonor's nature trips will be reminiscent of her walk through the plants in the Asturian.

Leonor’s nature trips will be reminiscent of her walk through the plants in the Asturian.


Thoroughly educate students about the importance of Recycling It is one of the movements that the boarding school has particularly focused on. So much so that it is located on campus Used clothing store It is freely available to your students. The institution is named after New4You, also known as “The Little House of Sustainability,” where students can pick up their favorite outfits, from warm coats to new dresses for dances or celebrations. Whatever the marital status of the students, they all come to the store in search of the treasures of style, and in fact, from last September to December, more than 2000 items of clothing were collected. It would not be surprising if Leonor came here frequently, as she learned from her mother, Queen Letizia, the importance of practicing austerity in her wardrobe and recycling her clothes whenever possible.

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His style conquers Europe

The Italian and German press fell in love with the style of the Princess of Asturias. European countries are fascinated Her beauty and personality At the time of dressing.

Given the anticipation he’s raising in the foreign press, JALEOS wanted to know the secrets behind Leonor’s stylistic choices. What should a princess get German and Italian citizenship? Professional designer José Carlos de la Ossa, collaborator with the prestigious Anna Prado management agency, explained: Beautiful, attractive, slender, with long legs and gorgeous blonde hairHer good genetics and delicate, smiling face make any dress look perfect in her: “Due to her physical characteristics and her height, she prefers all colors. But she always tries to stand out with her outfits, especially her slim legs and beautiful hair.”

Leonor's Favorite Palette, by Antonia Foster, from Help Estilistas.

Leonor’s Favorite Palette, by Antonia Foster, from Help Estilistas.

For her part, fashion expert Antonia Foster, of Help Estilistas, mentioned the details: “The princess feels a special affinity for Colorful, tropical, floral prints That gives it a romantic touch. He plays with the textures of the fabrics, with an opening in the back, and volume in the sleeves and shoulders, and in this way he gains presence and fame, giving him a classic, dreamy and modern style.

His color palette is called Summer., From dull to hydrangea, and blue is also one of his favorites, in addition to violet, aqua green, and pastel pink … ” These soft tones are most favored by boys from Reyes, the colors you can consider when choosing your sportswear or raincoats. You have the travel bag you will have to pack before your trip to Wales.

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