Sports pants: how to choose the right model according to the type of exercise

Summer is here and it’s time to change your leggings short sport! But it’s not as simple as going and picking a model at random. In general, people are not accustomed to pay attention to the characteristics of this type of clothing, although it is necessary to do so.

The short sport Correct training should be functional for the type of training being performed, be comfortable and allow all types of movements to be performed. In this guide, we give you three easy steps on how to find the perfect pair, depending on your needs.

3 steps to choosing the right short sport

1. Choose the track pants according to your activity or personal preferences

The style and fabric of the track pants should be chosen according to the type of sport or activity being done, as each material has different benefits depending on the practice or exercise being performed.

Bikers are a good choice to go to the gym, ride a bike, run and do yoga. Whereas when training on machines in the gym, it is convenient to have a fabric between your skin and the seat to prevent chafing.

The same goes for cycling and running, if the shorts are too short, the thighs end up rubbing against each other causing unwanted chafing.

2. Focus on the waist

The waistband doesn’t just keep the shorts in place. In that area are the pockets, linings and emblems.

For runners, a back zipper with a pocket may be the best investment. This is very convenient if you need a place to put your cell phone, credit cards or keys during your outdoor tour.

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The included liner is a great option if you prefer looser clothing in your shorts. The extra layer of fabric wicks sweat and keeps the shorts firmly in place, even during deep squats or handstands.

For strength training, a good recommendation is to invest in a pair of high-waisted shorts. Training shorts are designed to allow freedom of movement, and with a high waistband, you don’t need to lift your shorts every time you lift weights or squat.

Loose-fitting shorts are a good choice for strenuous walking and work well for jogging as well. Just like high-intensity activities, which require well-ventilated and breathable shorts to keep you cool.

Leggings, which finish above mid-thigh, are great for outdoor training, CrossFit, and HIIT. The tighter models make it easy to do gymnastics, arm rests, and any jumping without any distraction from the canvas.

Sports pants: how to choose the right model according to the type of exercise

3. What to wear under sports pants

Now this can be just as important as a good fit. Whether you’re lifting weights, doing yoga, or training for a race, you don’t want underwear to be a distraction.

Athletic underwear (unlike cotton) is breathable, quick-drying, and doesn’t clump under your track pants.

Plus: Make it pretty!

When choosing sportswear, in general, the emphasis is not on the aesthetic aspect of the dress: color, whether it is printed or not, design and other characteristics. Although all of these characteristics do not affect how a garment fits or a person performs, they do have a very important influence on the way you feel.

It is very important for a person to feel comfortable with the clothes they choose, which is why it is essential that they like the design of the track pants and how they fit. All this will increase confidence and security when going outside, and therefore the situation will be completely positive.

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In addition, in addition to all the recommendations that can be obtained for choosing a short sport, the most important and above all is always comfort.

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