Sports medicine specialist shares aspects of a distinguished sports career

There are many factors that can cause an athlete to have a distinguished sports career and reach the ages in which colleges are deteriorating. To find out what makes the difference specialist in sports medicine, Mario Merchant, Male in an interview with 24 hours Physical aspects that favor certain personalities.

He emphasized that “the factors that can prolong this athletic life are good nutrition, discipline and good genetics.”

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The discipline to which they decide to devote their lives will be a crucial point. “Some rely on their sport to prolong their careers; He added that due to physical exhaustion, in many sports, his exercise time is reduced.”

Injuries also play an important role in the track. “The more injuries a person has, the faster their career will end,” he said.

On the other hand, mental health is also an essential part for all practitioners in any discipline to overcome various obstacles. Anna Karen Mondragon Psychology in Sports, commented on 24 hours This aspect in the life of professional athletes.

“In high performance, every athlete has a psychologist and every athlete has a different approach,” he noted. Anna Karen.

Athletes also find inspiration in the desire to leave the best possible legacy. “They see it as the best stage in their career because they have more experience to finish their sports life in the best way,” he said, adding that “there is also a lot of self-confidence, which is why they recover quickly from a negative result.

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Two notable cases Tom Brady s Rafael Nadalwho despite being experienced players, continue to prove that they are at the best level in their sporting life.

four out of seven Super Bowls which has brady They got it between 37 and 43 years old. Currently aged 44, he has had one of the best seasons of his career, with his best season falling in passing yards (5316).

Rafael Nadal He has built his sporting life hard by overcoming on several occasions the discomfort caused by a degenerative injury to his foot. This physical difficulty has not deprived the Spanish tennis player of recently winning 21 titles Big bangs With 35 years in tow.

Long life at the first level
Sports player age
Zlatan Ibrahimovic 40 footballs
LeBron James 37 basketball
Cristiano Ronaldo 37 Football
Roger Federer 40 Tennis
Gianluigi Buffon 44 football

“Training for other sports can improve your performance as an athlete”: Mario Mercader, sports medicine specialist

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