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Not the Spaniard, once the test is over.Christian Bruna (EFE)

It rained heavily, then it cleared, then Mundo Duplantis began acting, the unbeatable prodigy, from the pole, the 6.21m youngster, the world record, the world champion, the Olympic, the European, the champion of everything, who reached with his 5.85m jumps and gold, and from Then he awarded the audience 6.06 meters, which is a championship record so as not to complain. Then it was their turn.

Polyhedral robbers, lactic poets, the essence of motor skills of maintaining speed until final paralysis, fainting, and vomiting, ran more than ever before, breaking the Spanish record (3m and 0.54sec), finishing fourth, and then when they said The great athletes, of course, caught their breath, they are happy, because they broke the record, but those three teams, the usual competitors, references in Europe, UK (2m 59.35s), Belgium (2m 59.49s) s) France (2m 59.64s) s), they ran a lot, so, of course, 4th place was terrible and awesome. “Under bad weather, we were a Bronze Champion four years ago,” says Samuel, a 2018 Berlin Night veteran, like Ba and Oselus. “We should be very happy, but this is a tournament and we are coming to win medals…”

Head coach Tony Puig, who lined up to Asturian Inaki Canal (45.93 seconds, seventh) as second man against Lucas Pa of Toledo (44.85 seconds sixth), says third for Astudillo, Oscar Husillos (44.71 seconds, handed fourth) and anchor for clapper Samuel Garcia ( 45.05 seconds), the captain, the king of the launch speed, who cornered the Belgians and the French in the counter (the Brits had already fled, from first place, the 400m individual champion, Matthew Hudson Smith (44.45 seconds). “We ran what we could run And, most importantly, from the World Cup in Doha, we were outside the elite relay and we are back in the wheel.”

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Gil Samuel, Husillos, who had the OH sign formed by his initials with a curve overrun that left the Czechs and Dutch dumbfounded, distracted in a certain battle, Búa, king of the second position, chief, and Samuel was the Spanish substitute for half a dozen years. In his head, always, excellence and a time of less than three minutes, one of those things they say grandchildren can be told, I have done this … Alerted by the arrival of the new grandchildren, Guijarro, Sánchez, Cañal, Erta are defending their lands and will not stop until they reach their goal. They do not lack speed, but they have enough intelligence. It is his strength, his tactical wisdom, his situational, his repetitive work in simulation with infinite variations in the exchange of witnesses diagonally, to the left, to the right, early, late. The intricacies of the relay is his world. “And we have to pay because young people are putting pressure on us,” Ba says. “We can’t fall asleep.”

It never rains again. The night is clean. Clear. Bright as a beautiful stadium. Like Fimk Paul, a Dutch teenager with long legs and a light winged stride. Half curved and one straight. The Qutb, the Belgian and the British, who preceded her when she collected the stele, watched how she overtakes them in one pass and could not help but think that her kingdom, like a prophet, was not of this world. The Netherlands won the women’s relay race (3m and 20.87s). Paul wins his third gold medal. Queen of Munich. Spain, eighth.

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The muscle cocoon has a life of its own, loves to make decisions, and when it does, it controls more than the brain. When the athlete feels fully polyhedral, he imagines himself a master in his movements with almost supernatural safety; When the muscle decides to show its limits to the thinking machine, the movement ends. Irene Sanchez Escribano of Toledo would have finished seventh in the 3000m whose winner and favourite, Albanian Luisa Giga (9m 11.31sec) had already finished twenty seconds earlier. The eighth was already when he was approaching the finish line, when he was two meters away, three meters away from crossing him. It wasn’t bad either. eighth. ultimate. More scholarships. More points for union accounts. The inversion of his muscles was brutal, as it is now said. As for the athlete, she was very agile a few seconds ago, although she was tired, the three meters had become 30, 300, in an endless tunnel, an unfathomable distance she could only travel in slow motion. Several seconds passed until she was able to take the last steps before collapsing to the ground, she was overtaken by two other athletes, and the third who could do so, the native Carolina Robles, preferred to give way. What a drama. Women from Toledo ranked 10th, and women from Seville 11th.

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