Spain’s Got Talent All-Stars Grand Final

The audience on set decided that the Colombian dancing couple would be the winners of this first Spanish edition of the All-Stars of the Telecinco talent

¡ÚLTIMA HORA! El público presente en plató ha decidido que los ganadores de 'Got Talent All-Stars España' sean Stefanny y Yeeremy. La pareja de baile colombiana se ha alzado con el triunfo por delante de Vardanyan Brothers que han quedado en segunda posición y B-Unique que han conseguido la tercera. ¡NOS VEMOS EN LA SIGUIENTE EDICIÓN!

Everything comes to an end. In this case, we refer to ‘Got Talent All-Stars Spain’ Grand Final. Of the better good. 72 of the greatest artists in the universe ‘I got talent’ In their different world versions, they have traveled from their countries to compete and fight for victory. Who will rise with her?

he Youtube And streamer grevig Will join in on this very special jury shaped event EdurnAnd Paula Echevarria And Risto Magidi For performance evaluation, however It will be exclusively the select audience that chooses the winner With your votes. The prize will be 25,000 euros.

this The first ‘Got Talent All-Stars Spain’ Grand Finale is on Saturday 3rd June 2023 at approximately 10:00pm on Telecinco. Served as usual by Santi Milan.

Got Talent All-Stars Spain Grand Final Artists

There will be 12 talents, selected in the previous six programs by the judges and their guests, who will fight to win this final. Let’s meet them:

Grefg will be the guest judge in the 'Got Talent All-Stars Spain' Grand Final
grevig He will be the guest judge for the ‘Got Talent All-Stars Spain’ Grand Final
  1. Belinda Davids – Louise Zahira Gold Card

nation: South Africa. discipline: singing

a look at:

· british talent (semi final)

silly things: Belinda started singing at the age of five, but it wasn’t until she was eight years old that she heard Whitney Houston’s song on the radio and fell in love with her voice. From that moment on, she knew she wanted to sing and be like her.

  1. Bad Salsa – Edern’s Choice
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nation: India. discipline: dance. specialty: to retreat

Seen on:

· Got Talent India (Winners)

· America’s Got Talent (Finalists)

· Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions (Semi-finals)

· Romania got talent

silly things: They have participated in more than a thousand international events, and have won numerous awards in the world of dance. With their amazing combination of salsa and acrobatics, they stood in front of all the jury members of the different editions of the show they participated in.

  1. Eric Chen – Fernando Tejero’s Golden Passport

nation: Taiwan. discipline: Charm. specialty: Close-up magic, micromagic

Seen on:

  • talents of Asia (winner)
  • Britain’s Got Talent: The Ultimate Magician (winner)
  • America’s Got Talent (semi final)
  • America’s Got Talent: All-Stars

silly things: Winner of the World Magic Championship (2018). He is one of only four artists to win two editions of “Got Talent” in history.

  1. Ramadan Brothers – Selected by Risto Majidi

nation: Tanzania. discipline: stunts. specialty: strength and balance hand by hand And face to face

seen on:

  • Australia’s Got Talent (Gold Pass finalists)
  • La France to Unquenchable Talent (Finalists)
  • Roman talent

silly things: They are not actually brothers, they just met at an acrobatic gym in Tanzania. They have performed at Circus Mama Africa, the most important circus show on the continent and at Dollywood, Dolly Parton’s theme park.

Finalists 'Got Talent All-Stars Spain'
Finalists ‘Got Talent All-Stars Spain’
  1. Aidan Bryant – Adorn’s Choice

nation: United State. discipline: Circus acrobats

Seen on:

  • America’s Got Talent: All-Stars (WINNER)
  • America’s Got Talent (runner-up)

silly things: He just won the American version of the format and is very excited to show that he can do better in the Spanish version. He learned to perform stunts on his own and thanks to his internet videos and hard work, he rose to stardom.

  1. BELLO SISTERS – Leo Harlem’s Golden Ticket
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nation: Italy. discipline: Acrobatics – circus. specialty: Duos / Trios, side by side

Views in:

  • America`s Got Talent (Finalists)
  • America`s Got Talent-All Stars (Finalists)
  • Got Talent Spain
  • Got Talent Italy
  • Got Talent Germany
  • Got Talent France
  • Romania got talent

silly things: Their beginnings in the circus world were very complicated and in some schools they were told they would never succeed due to the difference in height and weight between the sisters. They are the eighth and ninth generation circus performers in their family.

  1. Musa Konkas – Georgie Plus Golden Passport

nation: Italy. discipline: music. specialty: Wind instruments

Seen on:

  • Got Talent Italy (winner)

silly things: He combined harmonica with beatbox on the street, but after winning the “Got Talent Italia” award, he continued to perform on big stages and toured the world. He has accumulated 14.6 million views of his YouTube videos.

  1. Kyle Tomlinson – Choice of Paula Equivara

nation: United kingdom. discipline: singing. specialty: Musicals, operas and stories

Seen on:

  • british talent (ultimate)

silly things: The first time he appeared on ‘Got Talent’, he was 12 years old and received four awards from the jury. He decided to introduce himself again after three years and left everyone speechless, he was awarded the Golden Pass by the jury.

Finalists 'Got Talent All-Stars Spain'
Finalists ‘Got Talent All-Stars Spain’
  1. Vardanian Brothers – The Golden Passport of Danny Fernandez

nation: Armenia. discipline: Acrobatics – circus. specialty: Balance, power and dangerous stunts

seen on:

· Got Talent Russia (Winners)

· Britain’s Got Talent (Semi-finals)

silly things: This Armenian duo defies the laws of gravity in their performances with dangerous dagger and knife stunts. They themselves claim Displays As the most dangerous in the history of “Got Talent” globally.

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nation: Colombia. discipline: dance. specialty: Latin dance

Seen on:

· Got Talent Spain (Finalists)

· America’s Got Talent (Semi-Finalists)

silly things: Their mastery of dance and their participation in the Spanish and American versions of the program led them to perform at the Cannes Film Festival, where they shared the stage with Eva Longoria.

  1. Unique Crew – Chosen by Paula Equivara

nation: India. discipline: dance. Seen on:

  • Got Talent Slovakia (Golden Playoffs)
  • Got Talent Italy

silly things: As a result of competing in ‘Got Talent’, they were able to work with Indian celebrities and achieve success in their country and in Europe. They want their own style of dance to become famous all over the world.

  1. Human Fountains – Carlos Aresis’ Golden Ticket

nation: United State. discipline: Humor/comedy. specialty: Water games

Seen on:

  • Got Talent France (Semi-final)
  • America’s Got Talent
  • America’s Got Talent: All-Stars
  • Got Talent Germany

silly things: They have known each other since school, having already worked together at talent programme school. Although they have achieved it, they are not looking for success, as their only goal is to make the audience laugh.

Finalists 'Got Talent All-Stars Spain'
Finalists ‘Got Talent All-Stars Spain’

And the contestant artist arrives here for this Got Talent All-Stars Spain Grand Final Who will be the winner?

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