Spain’s Best Financial Planning Company 2021, Finanfox Award

Good financial consultant Dedicated to monitoring the evolution of recommended investments based on a solid background in financial and tax knowledge. He is a specialist who directs his client to find the optimal solution for managing the economy of a person or company according to their needs.

The importance of finding a good financial advisor is that this is the person to whom Wealth Management is entrusted. When managing financial operations on behalf of their clients, they must be distinguished professionals with honesty, business effectiveness and satisfactory references. In Spain it is too FinanfoxNew winners of the Best Financial Planning Firm Award.

Her innovation in service motivated her to receive the award

LiveWire Corporate Honors Finanfox with Excellence and Innovation Awards 2021. Dedicated to the global business scene, this British publication has been recognized as one of the most innovative brands in its field. In the latest edition, he highlighted the changes brought about by the pandemic and acknowledged the innovation of small and medium-sized businesses.

The company’s figures support the decision of the UK-based publications. They have been operating as financial professionals since 2013 and offer their very own personal financial advisory service. Since then they have taken care of them Over 600 satisfied customers, of those who have Managed more than 5 million euros.

One of the best companies in the sector

Finanfox was born as a brand during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. However, as mentioned above, the professionals who make up the team have been working in the financial sector since 2013. Since its inception they have faced the crisis, and they know It adapts to the needs of its customers and the challenges of the new reality. Thus, they have leveraged their digital DNA and used the Internet as the main tool to define their services, especially those related to free financial planning for any Spaniard or foreigner residing in Spain.

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The free service is possible because the company charges fees to more than 80 financial entities in the country with which it cooperates. It was this innovative idea that shaped and helped define the brand as the winner of the Best Financial Planning Firm award. Only people and companies who want to improve their finances have to access the Finanfox website to be able to get this service.

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