Spain will lead the growth of advanced economies

The Gross Domestic Production (GDP) of Spain will see an increase of 6.4% in 2021, so it will be the most growing country during this year between Advanced economiesAlong with the United States, according to the IMF’s semi-annual “World Economic Outlook” report, published on Tuesday.

In this way, the fund decided to revise the increase in Spain’s GDP in 2021 by five-tenths in relation to its previous forecast.

Regarding the estimates for 2022, the International Monetary Fund decided to leave its forecast of 4.7% GDP growth unchanged, the same number recorded in January. This rate places Spain in the third place to grow the most in the next year among advanced economies, surpassed only by the United Kingdom (5.1%) and Canada’s tie (4.7%).

Spain’s growth trajectory (after an 11% drop in GDP in 2020), is also above the eurozone as a whole. Specifically, the International Monetary Fund revised up a tenth of the growth of the nineteen for both 2021 and 2022, to stand at 4.4% and 3.8%, respectively.

Regarding the main European economies, France comes after Spain in GDP growth this year, with an increase of 5.8% (three-tenths more), followed by Italy, with 4.2% (1.2 more points) and Germany, with 3.6% (one-tenth more).

For 2022, the Fund estimates that France will grow 4.2%, one-tenth more than the January estimate, while Italy will recover by 3.6%, unchanged, and Germany will advance 3.4%, three tenths more.

The IMF forecast schedule for Spain is completed with an estimate that inflation will close this year at 1%, while in 2022 it will be 1.3%.

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In terms of unemployment, the Washington-based entity is expected to rise to 16.8% in 2021, after closing 2020 at 15.5%. The last time it announced its forecast, the International Monetary Fund expected unemployment to reach 16.8% last year and remain at that figure in 2021. The current estimate is that by 2022 it will stand at 15.8%.

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