Spain – USA from El Sadar, at €5 and €7.5 a ticket

Never before has a women’s soccer match come to Pamplona in so much dust as the one that will be played on Tuesday 11 October in El Sadar. From a sporting point of view, it was destined to be a sporting attraction that is difficult to match, between two giants like the Spanish team and, above all, the United States, the greatest global power in history. But the chaos in which the national team enters with the serious conflict between the coach, Jorge VildaAnd, most players, poses many unknowns. One has already been resolved. Although it has not been officially communicated – it will be in a few days – tickets will be sold in two packs at two prices: 15 euros in the preference area (7.5 each) and 10 in the rest of the stadium, for all ages. Osasuna members don’t have any kind of preference.

This long-awaited meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, but was postponed amid palpable tension in the national team, with contacts exchanged between the federation and the players. In the next few days, Felda must present the call for two friendlies, those that will face Spain in Nuevo Arcangel de Cordoba against Sweden, third in the world ranking, on October 7, and the match in Pamplona, ​​in October. 11.

alternate list

But the coach is at a crossroads because 15 of his teams’ key players refused to go this time around after the conflict, putting their international careers in jeopardy. The Russian Football Federation will not call these players, which in the event of summons and refusal to attend, can be punished by five years. In return, Vilda will put together an alternative list that she reflects on these days. It will likely be tomorrow when the list of players under 15 will be shown on the manifesto, as it is preferable to wait for tonight’s match between Portugal and Spain, corresponding to the League of Nations, so as not to throw fame. for one event and another.
Details of the meeting, which has the support of the Navarre government and the Pamplona City Council and in which Osasuna is only participating as a logistical partner, will be announced soon. El Sadar will be practically unlocked in its entiretyExcept for the top of the playing court, which is located above the penalty area, according to the sources consulted.

The climate between the federation and the players is one of complete rupture They understand from the RFEF that a solution is practically impossible. It is considered that the choice is already divided from the European. The largest groups correspond to Barcelona players and Real Madrid players, with Real Sociedad players on the other hand. According to the information collected, the women of San Sebastian consider themselves harmed by the call of the Real Madrid players. None of them went to Europe despite finishing second in the league. We must not forget that the club led by Florentino Perez bought the place of CD Tacón and its former boss, Ana Rosell, is now the director of women’s football in Madrid. The country’s main journalists who have been following women’s football for many years pointed to the friendship between Filda and Russell (who met in Cañas) for revealing an alleged commitment to call up the madridistas, who did not sign the statement.

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