Spain: Routes between the port of Bilbao and the UK are designated as green sea lanes

By Puerto Rico Liberation Portal


he Green Sea Corridors In and Out of Spain Report: Evaluation of opportunities based on routesMade by World Maritime Forum In collaboration with the British Embassy in Madrid, he highlighted the strategic positioning and commitment to sustainability Bilbao port To develop environmental navigation methods and thus contribute to achieving the goal of decarbonizing maritime transport.

Specifically, the report estimates connectivity between the Port of Bilbao and the UK, focusing on the potential of short-distance sea transport routes for container traffic between Bilbao and Liverpool and for Ro-Ro movements with UK ports as keys to developing green sea lanes that contribute to the decarbonization of transport in the period reasonable period of time, always taking into account its viability.

“Developing green and digital sea lanes is a priority for the Port of Bilbao, and fits in with the port’s growing portfolio of sustainability initiatives. Decarbonizing routes such as those featured in the report will have a significant impact due to the volume of cargo and passengers they carry and the huge potential that exists for road-to-sea transition. For these reasons, We believe in decarbonizing these sea routes. Andima Ormaetxe, Director of Commercial Operations and Logistics, Port Authority of Bilbao.

In addition to these two routes between Bilbao and the United Kingdom, the study highlights six other routes as the most promising routes within and outside Spain to become green corridors, with the United Kingdom, Italy and the United States as the most promising partner countries, followed by Turkey, Morocco and China.

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