Spain in the mirror of the United Kingdom

Through the tangle years of operation, Catalan separatists claimed they were just asking Spain to look like the United KingdomThey stressed that it is a democracy that allows Scots to vote if they want to secede. In Spain, on the other hand, not only has the government opposed it, but the Constitutional Court (TC) has repeatedly banned it. Well, the British Supreme Court, which would be the equivalent of our primary position, last week denied that Scotland has the right to call for a unilateral vote, even an advisory one, to decide on independence.

So, Without the permission of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, this referendum, which has already been held once, cannot be called. In 2012, Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron responded to the demands of the separatists of the Scottish National Party, then led by Alex Salmond, and the Westminster Parliament agreed to the terms of the referendum that took place in September 2014. He won to remain in the UK, albeit with a narrower margin of votes than he first thought. , and a separation of Scotland for a few weeks was more likely. A few years later, Cameron again played Russian roulette, and although he was not in favor of leaving the European Union, he called for the Brexit referendum, the victory of which plunged the United Kingdom into a major economic disaster that once again frayed the seams. regional. from the country.

What is interesting in the opinion of the British Supreme Court is that, in response to a request from Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon, Who wanted a second referendum in October 2023, denies that Scotland has that rightnot even that the Scottish Parliament could call a vote of an advisory character because, as the judges well justify, the result would have inevitable consequences.

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So, When separatists claim that Spain is similar to the United Kingdom, the truth is that in legal terms it really is. There is no right here and no right to separation, and nothing can be done unilaterally. Sturgeon, anticipating this verdict, said in response that the next Scottish elections, scheduled for 2024, will be a referendum on independence. In Catalonia too, the regional elections of 2012 and 2015 saw the referendum call for separatism, independence is not here and is not expected.

It would be advisable The Scottish separatists would look in the mirror of the process and avoid wasting time on their land in is impossible. And that same mirror is being used so that Spain now looks at the United Kingdom and repeats without a complex that secession is not a right in any democracy, in any democracy in the world.

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