SpaceX could try to grab Starship during its first launch

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DrDocuments filed with the US Federal Communications Commission It indicates that SpaceX can use the Mechazilla launch tower and its arms known aschopsticks” to catch the flight And thehe is Booster spacecraft to return from space in The first orbital flight test of a giant Rocket.

We don’t know when ship star Make its first attempt at orbit, but when it finally does, this launch won’t be boring, that’s for sure. The original plan of the fully stacked Starship system, such as pass In a SpaceX application submitted to the FCC in May 2021, it stated that the two stages of the rocket would end in the ocean; The fuel will fall into the Gulf of Mexico about 32 km From the coast, while the upper stage, after completing a partial orbit around The land, will descend from the northwest coast of Kauai, Hawaii.

This scenario is still very possible, but it adjusts small to demand a The FCC suggests a different outcome to the boost phase. after, after Departing from Starbase in Boca Chica, Texas, the Super Heavy booster will detach from the upper stage and “then partially return and land in the Gulf of Mexico or return to Starbase and be captured by the launch tower,” according to the profile. updated. this part can be the motive Trapped by the launch tower It was not there before, and it was Discover By The Watchful Eye of Michael Baylor of

Photo of the article titled Guaranteed Show: SpaceX could try to catch the spacecraft on flight when it first launched

picture: SpaceX

Request a The FCC is for the first orbital launch of The spacecraft, like that Should be Elon Musk Keep this goal in mind for your first booster trip. nNothing like this has happened before. SpaceX Can land in the early stages of Falcon 9 as a routinebut motivated The spacecraft is a horse of a different color. In addition to returning to Starbase, the 70-meter-long booster Tall must orient himself above the 122-meter-high launch pad Height and controlled descent performance. A pair of arms called “chopsticks”or chopstickswill direct the booster to a safe vertical landing.

write to Teslarati, Eric Ralph explain How unbelievably dangerous is this, especially if Capture attempt occurs During the inaugural launch:

In case of abnormality During a landing attempt, a spacecraft or Super Heavy could accidentally hit the launch tower, damaging or even destroying a structure the size of a skyscraper. In the end, the enormous risk posed by any capture attempt means that unless SpaceX can miraculously make the design of everything involved nearly perfect on its first attempt, the company will have to be very careful and spend an enormous amount of ships and motives on preventing the only spacecraft launch tower useless.

At least to some extent, SpaceX probably knows this and so heavy He should be in perfect health and working perfectly during the top and back of his first pitch until he’s cleared for a catch. In the end, it was the first orbital launch of Starship may end up being a bigger show than is actually guaranteed.

Ralph is right to point out that there is only one launch tower of the spacecraft, but SpaceX is building again At the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Ideally, SpaceX would like to use both towers to stack, launch and capture the booster. private company She currently has a necklace With NASA developing the system as a way to get astronauts to the lunar surface, but the big picture for SpaceX is for the rocket to carry cargo and passengers into Earth orbit.Moon, Mars, and other possible places in the solar system.

depends on the request Updated to SpaceX is also seeking permission to use Starlink stations to enable in-flight telemetry. Multiple Starlink stations will be installed in each vehicle [tanto elpropulsor como la etapa superior] To ensure a clear view of the satellite constellation SpaceX via Starship Flight Profile,” according to updated application. “The terminals will use the same antenna and communications electronics as previously licensed SpaceX consumer terminals, but with revised housing and proper fitting for the mission profile.”

As for when? Spacecraft can fly to Earth’s orbit This is not clear at first. Earlier this week, gas buildup caused an explosion Prototype Super Heavy Booster 7 will explode unexpectedly during ground tests. slight damage, to me musk what He said the fuel might have to be transported to the barn hi bye to inspect you. Musk hopes to launch Fully stacked spacecraft this month, but that seems increasingly unlikely.

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