Sony will continue to sell PSP games in the PS Store, but…

In April of this year, Sony It reversed its decision to close the digital stores of PS3 y PS Vita for sure, However, the PSP It is not saved. Or maybe yes. It turns out that it will still be possible to purchase digital games for this portable console even after July 2, but on one condition.

by page playstation uk For discontinued apps, features and services, games can still be purchased from PSP Via PS Store for PS3 y PS Vita. However, these games will not have a custom category, that is, you will have to search for them manually. In addition, it will not be possible to make in-game purchases PSP, Ago PS . Store For this platform it will be disabled.

Kotaku I got in touch with Sony To confirm this information, and the Japanese company has already confirmed it, what is stated in playstation uk That’s right. Although the PS Store of PSP It will close on July 2, and there is hope that you will be able to purchase and download games for this console via this digital store, even if it is not original.


Across: Kotaku

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