Sony has bad news for its games as a service

As is known, Sony did not make the best decisions regarding the release of its video games this year, as in recent months we have not witnessed the release of any major productions this year. PlayStation 5 Farther than what we saw last month Marvel Spider-Man 2. This is clearly part of the plan that the brand has developed in recent years, as it has been betting many of its resources on launching games as a service.

As previously reported by the company, they expected there to be 12 such launches until the 2025 fiscal year, which should theoretically end in March 2026. This was immediately reflected in the fact that the departure of projects was reduced by half. . This is with the aim of making the six indestructible ones, above all, profitable in terms of profits so that they remain afloat for many years through known small transactions.

This is what the president said Sony, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki On the earnings call:

We are reviewing this…and trying as much as possible to make sure that these games are enjoyed and players stay hooked for a long time. Of the 12 titles, six will be released by FY25 in that current plan. As for the remaining six titles, we are still working on that.

It is the total number of live service and multiplayer titles, and in the medium and long term we want to push this type of service and this is the company’s policy that has not changed. This does not mean that we stick to specific titles, but the quality of the game should be the most important.

At the moment, not all of the planned games are known, but at least three of them have already been confirmed, one of which is multiplayer The last of us Which so far includes certain details about the development, the second is an online title for the franchise Horizon from Guerrilla Games Finally, another game of PlayStation Studios London. With that in mind, we’ll definitely see more of these games in future presentations from the company.

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Editor’s note: The truth is that if they want to kill all these projects, there is no problem at all, because it is not something that players really want in their hearts. It’s best to stick to projects that are part of the single-player experience.

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