someone spacial! Adele revealed who has already listened to her new album

United State-. While the rest of humanity will have to wait until November 19 to listen to the new album of Adele After six years without new music, the artist revealed that a celebrity has already had a chance to hear it. and that is drake, with whom he shares a deep friendship, was able to enjoy a good chunk of the album last year.

Adele He revealed that he went to last year drake To ask his opinion on his next album, she shares several songs from it. “I put it on Drake maybe last year when I was just in town… and I said, ‘Do you think that’s what people want or don’t want?'” And he said, “Not at all,” the artist said on a radio show Reino Unido Capital Breakfast.

The artist admitted that she does not usually show her projects to her famous friends before showing them to the world, but that drake was an exception. “No, I’m not sending it to several people saying, ‘May I know what you think of this?'” “It always comes down to how I feel. Quality control is my strong suit. I can write a song about my own experience, my own life, and things like that.” Adele.

“People definitely don’t expect me to hit the club. I feel like I will give people what they missed during my absence.” Adele. Last week, the artist released her first single easy for mewhich was an instant success. She wrote: “One of my best friends in the world released one song WOIIIIIIIII” drake In their stories about Instagram.

in advance this month Adele He also gave his support to drake When he released his new album Certified Boy LoverHe said it was his favorite album of the year in Instagram Live. This also became a hit, and as expected, it reached number one in the ranking 200 . plate. It is not surprising that artists ask each other for advice, because great stars understand each other.

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