Someone has already finished Returnal in under five minutes

Days after it was launched, players Return They created multiple requests for Housemarque to add a manual save system to the game. In case you didn’t know, closing an app is an in-game agony, but who needs to memorize when you can finish it in less than five minutes?

Despite the tremendous difficulty, someone is already over Return In record time. Specifically, the Speed ​​runner MentalToast Share it on his channel Youtube How he did it and here you can see it.

To do that, MentalToast He evaded nearly all enemy encounters and reached the ultimate boss, armed with only the Starter Pistol. If you notice that the movement of this runner was a little weird, it is because of the technique he used and shot it Melee jumping dashThat is to say, cancel the different animations to progress faster. Even with this technology, what it has accomplished is definitely incredible.


Across: Kotaku

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